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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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yeah, he does have a big ol freaking

"Bernie LOGO."

If anyone would be so hateful to post stupid shit like that about Bernie... they'd be screaming the Loudest. And, I would too.. but, it's okay if it's directed to Hillary.. 'cause it's so twistedly "clever".

Oh that HDSer.. figures.. and yeah, he's so effin' "clever".. they're so amusing themselves..

how ugly and misogynistic.

thank you for calling out the viciousness even though you're a Bernie Supporter. You're not the only Bernie Supporter who's sick of this. I can think of two prolific ones right now.

They totally turned me off Bernie. Not his fault but I hang out on DU, am in Hawaii, and they have taken over the board with their mean spirits... They're such terrible representatives of his campaign.

"Clinton will be the first recipient of this award because of her work in government and dedication

to human rights activism, TSU Law School Dean Dannye Holley said in a news release."

Wow~ This is brilliant.. thank you, DSB~

THis is Great news, KMOD.. imagine how this would be recieved in GD. Rofl.

snips from your link//

"Even the group that provides the underdogs' best chance at winning allies says the phone has stayed firmly on the hook: Both Sanders and O'Malley are running to Clinton's left, but the Congressional Progressive Caucus says it has heard no calls for support from either candidate. Instead, caucus cochair Raul Grijalva said last year that he was happy so support Hillary Clinton (his office has said that's not an official endorsement) and fellow liberals like Reps. Rosa DeLauro and Jan Schakowsky have endorsed the front-runner as well."


"In O'Malley's home state of Maryland, with its clout-heavy congressional delegation, Clinton has earned several high-profile endorsements: Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Budget Committee ranking member Chris Van Hollen, both Marylanders, have endorsed Clinton. Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin back Clinton as well.

Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont has endorsed Clinton, leaving undecided Rep. Peter Welch as Sanders' only remaining home-state endorsement opportunity. Meanwhile, the entrance of former Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia and former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee into the race hasn't stopped half a dozen Virginia and Rhode Island members from backing Clinton over their long-shot contenders back home."

Exactly, Aristus.. it deja vu all over again!

Eyes on the Prize.

"Obama vetoes GOP bill on union elections" your cheap ignorant pot shots mean less than zero..

"President Obama on Tuesday vetoed a Republican effort to overturn controversial union voting rules.

Congress passed a resolution of disapproval this month on a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling that sped up union elections.

Republicans dubbed it an “ambush election” rule, arguing it would allow unions to place undue pressure on workers and employers.

Obama vetoed Congress's measure shortly after noon in the Oval Office, the fourth veto of his presidency.


The president also announced the White House would hold a labor summit in the fall.

“The National Labor Relations Board’s representation case procedures rule helps to level the playing field for workers,” the administration said.


Oh yeah.. It's all "Hillary Supporters"! Your bad!


Wow.. they sure do like to censor.. not for free speech so much that bunch. Doubt if the

the candidate they support is like that.

Like the OP said.. "If Bernie himself was acting anything like this, I'd stop listening to a single thing he said."

Sorry, you got a bad hide, Bobbie Jo.

They're all Creepy! Good one EarlG


"President Obama wants fast track authorization in order to proceed with the negotiations from a

position of power.."


President Obama wants fast track authorization in order to proceed with the negotiations from a position of power – in order to receive the best possible set of concessions from nations with interests which conflict with our interests. The only way to know if he succeeds or not is to look at the final negotiated deal – and then judge it on its entire impact – not on some leaked, out-of-context pieces of the puzzle. After a final deal is reached, there will be an opportunity for public debate. Fast track authority doesn’t mean that Congress is going to support whatever deal is reached. It just means that politics won’t undermine a deal before it can be reached.


"I haven’t made up my mind whether to support TPP or not. I will decide when an agreement is finalized and not before. I tend to distrust deals which are based on some concept of “free trade” which I know only exists in theory. But I won’t make up my mind on any specific trade deal until I see the details – the final details, not a few leaked pieces of information. I will still have time to voice my concerns before Congress decides whether to ratify it or not."


But all some see is "secrecy"! and think it's bad and Elizabeth Warren hasn't helped anything by ignorantly hammering on this as if we won't have a public debate after the best concessions possible are reached.
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