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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I LOVE IT! THank you, MADem! "Deal With It!" "Thanks Obama".. "That's the Obama Legacy!"

From what I've heard about youtube comments.. I bet they're crapping their bitter tears all over the place!


It's been a brilliant week, Aristus.. Mahalo! "Ten Days in June"


What a series of days in American life, full of savage mayhem, uncommon forgiveness, resistance to forgiveness, furious debate, mourning, and, finally, justice and grace. As President Obama led thousands of mourners in Charleston, South Carolina, in “Amazing Grace,” I thought about late 2013 and early 2014. Obama’s Presidency was surely dwindling, if not finished. His mood was sombre, philosophical—which is good if you are a philosopher; if not, not.

Obama described himself to me then in terms of his limits—as “a relay swimmer in a river full of rapids, and that river is history.” More than a few columnists believed that Obama was now resigned to small victories, at best. But pause to think of what has happened, the scale of recent events.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court (despite an apocalyptic dissent about “pure applesauce” and “interpretive jiggery-pokery” by Justice Scalia) put an end to years of court cases and congressional attacks against the Affordable Care Act, which means that millions of Americans will no longer live in a state of perpetual anxiety about health costs.

On Friday, the Supreme Court (despite a curiously ill-informed dissent about Kalahari, Aztec, and Han mating rites by Chief Justice Roberts) legalized same-sex marriage nationally—a colossal (and joyous) landmark moment in the liberation of gay men and lesbians.


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Read my post on when the President heard about yesterday's scotus decision on ACA: http://go.wh.gov/SPVhe2
11:08 AM - 26 Jun 2015
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Obama reinventing the Lame Duck..

Rex http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=6910730

Btw, I never thought he was "over" because of the disastrous midterms.. I knew there was a lot more to good things to come ..knowing this President history.

President Obama is reinventing the Lame Duck..

Rex http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=6910730

Mahalo uthr~

So incredibly sad, she.. Well said by Ametia..

"These evil bastards just will NOT go gently into that that hot HELL they deserve. And of course they are COWARDS, doing their evil works in the nightime.(DARKNESS) And Black folks are labeled as dark & evil. The gull..

This is their response, MORE TERROR & VIOLENCE against Black people and their HOUSES OF WORSHIP."

Bree Newsome Is What Courage And Bravery Looks Like

GOD ‎@Niall_JayDub
Cuz she a hero #FreeBree #BLACKGIRLMAGIC #still
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I had to counter it with Bree, she~

Thank you, kpete and Dylan Matthews. "Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential

presidents in American history"

And of course, the Affordable Care Act was hardly Obama's only accomplishment. He passed a stimulus bill that included major reforms to the nation's education system, big spending on clean energy, and significant expansions of anti-poverty programs. He shepherded through the Dodd-Frank Act, the first significant crackdown on Wall Street's power in a generation, which has been far more successful than commonly acknowledged.

He used executive action to enact bold regulations to curb green house gas emissions, and to protect nearly 6 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. He ended the ban on gay and lesbian service in the military, made it easier for women and minorities to fight wage discrimination, cut out wasteful private sector involvement in student loans, and hiked the top income tax rate.

He reopened relations with Cuba after a failed half-century estrangement and has tentatively reached a historic deal to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon — and, much more importantly, to avoid a war with Iran. He reprofessionalized the Department of Justice and refashioned the National Labor Relations Board and the Wage and Hour Division of the Labor Department into highly effective forces for workers' rights.


Yeah, "Affordable Health Care".. many more people aren't complaining about it. They're actually

getting cheaper health insurance and they aren't being turned away for pre-existing conditions.

thanks meeg

So glad President Obama called Jim Obergefell to Congratulate him! And Jim Obergefell thanked

the President too.

Not like some who don't want to give the President any credit at all!

Mahalo Don~

Mahalo babylonsistah~

"It was a demonstration of the power the president had found in the example of the people of Charleston—both the living and the dead. He wasn’t just telling. He was showing—the power he was trying to summon in this speech came from his own feeling of gratitude and obligation to serve as an example of grace."

So powerful!

Ya Deamer you!



I remember that.. that's a good one, big dog!

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