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Joe Biden says LGBT+ rights will be his number one priority if he wins 2020 election


Joy Reid certainly insulted Biden Supporters on May 29, 2019..




A few words from Biden..

“You guys are great, but Wall Street didn’t build America,” Biden told the donors. “You guys are incredibly important, but you didn’t build America. Ordinary, hard-working, middle class people given half a chance build America.”

Good call!.. this tweet is kinda funny via Scurrilous..


Killer Mike suggests EW & other Progs Get Behind BS..

I guess Killer hasn't looked at the South Carolina polls for Biden.. Or national polls..

Biden leads Sanders by 8 in Iowa, 13 in NH and Warren by 20 in South Carolina.


YouGov poll finds Biden with 50 percent of black vote


Thank You for posting that on Biden's

successful negotiations with repubs.

Biden played a key role in gaining Senate support for several major pieces of Obama legislation, and was a main factor in convincing Senator Arlen Specter to switch from the Republican to Democrat. .[258][259]

He led the successful administration effort to gain Senate approval for the New START treaty.[258][259] In December 2010, Biden's advocacy within the White House for a middle ground, followed by his direct negotiations with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, were instrumental in producing the administration's compromise tax package that revolved around a temporary extension of the Bush tax cuts.[259][260] Biden then took the lead in trying to sell the agreement to a reluctant Democratic caucus in Congress,[259][261] which was passed as the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010.

In March 2011, Obama detailed Biden to lead negotiations between both houses of Congress and the White House in resolving federal spending levels for the rest of the year, and avoiding a government shutdown.[264] By May 2011, a "Biden panel" with six congressional members was trying to reach a bipartisan deal on raising the U.S. debt ceiling as part of an overall deficit reduction plan.[265][266]

The U.S. debt ceiling crisis developed over the next couple of months, but it was again Biden's relationship with McConnell that proved to be a key factor in breaking a deadlock and finally bringing about a bipartisan deal to resolve it, in the form of the Budget Control Act of 2011, signed on August 2, 2011, the same day that an unprecedented U.S. default had loomed.[267][268][269] Biden had spent the most time bargaining with Congress on the debt question of anyone in the administration,[268] and one Republican staffer said, "Biden's the only guy with real negotiating authority, and [McConnell] knows that his word is good. He was a key to the deal."[267


Exactly, Good Point!.. This should be

pointed out often every chance Dems get.. it is reality and it happens every damn time.

President Obama and VP Biden did that.. after bush-cheney. Do they get enough credit? I doubt it.

Instead.. it's .. "we don't want to go back there.. " well hey.. no one else does, either!

But, they had accomplishments to Build On for the Future if we are fortunate enough to get a Dem Prez in 2020!

Thanks, betsuni..

I appreciate the back up.

Beto said.. "President Obama was the greatest president of his lifetime.. ".. so something good must have been accomplished.. to Build on.. not to go back to!

So the writer at Vanity Fair thought it was an insult..

But we heard here that it wasn't. I, for one, didn't buy it.

You cannot go back to the end of the Obama administration and think that that’s good enough,” Beto announced Thursday on Morning Joe, taking an impassioned swipe at both Joe Biden’s candidacy and Obama’s legacy. “

Who actually said "it was good enough"?
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