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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Prez is so versatile when pissing of republicons..

Thank you, girl! I like that.. may I borrow it when I need it?

Now here's another guy who knows how to Relate to Women on HobLob Decision.. Dax Shepard Tweets..

dax shepard ✔ @daxshepard1
Any woman who has ever used contraception should not feel welcome in Hobby Lobby. They should boycott. Let womb-controlling men buy the shit
8:35 PM - 30 Jun 2014 934 Retweets 1,684 favorites

Annie @txstarkeeper
7:30 AM - 1 Jul 2014 23 Retweets 10 favorites



Donna NoShock @NoShock
They have money but we are many... #VoteOutGOPn2014
10:58 AM - 26 Jun 2014 43 Retweets 20 favorites


Excellent, ZH.. I was talking about that yesterday and Glad it's made into

a graphic! Perfect!

Weapons Of Mass Deception! This should be Pinned!

The IRS Investigation
Dick Cheney
Domestic Drilling for Oil
Republicans Claiming They’re “Representing the American People”
Republican Obstruction

Off the top of my head.. what about Benghazi.. surely the US "media" doesn't interrupt the gop lies on this. and we already know how chuck todd feels about correcting repub lies on Obamacare

mahalo babylonsistah~

Justice Ginsburg, Kerry Washington and Planned Parenthood, she~

Planned Parenthood Heavy check mark @PPact
This is about justice — and we're fighting back. #JointheDissent against #HobbyLobby decision: http://bit.ly/V329wH pic.twitter.com/h4kpDjrXx1

kerry washington Heavy check mark @kerrywashington
I'M JOINING. R U? “@PPact: We're fighting back.
#JointheDissent against #HobbyLobby decision: http://bit.ly/V329wH pic.twitter.com/4bwr8SHzFM”

12:23 PM - 30 Jun 2014

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•Retweet http://theobamadiary.com/2014/06/30/26-million-thanks/#comment-1068861

Yeah, I coulda figured the OP would find a way to "Thanks Obama".. lol


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