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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 257,352

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Lol@O'Malley Tweet~To all decent humans who can't stand this orange faced racist..

Martin O'Malley
✔ ‎@MartinOMalley
To all decent humans who can't stand this orange faced racist, vote for @HillaryClinton. She's tough. He's not. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/752911479251296258
12:15 PM - 12 Jul 2016
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Blind Willies ‎@williesband
Trump is strip-mining bigotry & hatred like coal. A grifter uses the tools at his disposal. http://nyti.ms/29Rnymd
7:58 AM - 13 Jul 2016 California, USA, United States
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Thank you to Hillary who has been so gracious~

Mahalo, bigtree~

You're Welcome, Riff.. The President speaking in Dallas today..

Janice G Washington ‎@janicegw
Obama calls family members of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile before Dallas memorial ln.is/udFAp
1:49 PM - 12 Jul 2016
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More pics@https://theobamadiary.com/2016/07/12/the-presidents-day-103/#comments

The US m$m are manipulators and manufacters of "news", as we know, Surya.. Thank

Goodness for Social Media and the Net!

Polls show Clinton expanding her lead over Trump

Clinton now leads Trump by double digits 51% to 39% in the new Washington Post-ABC News poll, a survey that had the race statistically tied last month.

In the weeks since, Trump has drawn criticism over his comments about a judge's "Mexican heritage" and his reaction to the Orlando terrorist attack


Merci Beaucoup!

This is what our world needs more of, working..

kindness and compassion instilling hope for a better future.


Mahalo, Surya~Love~

glddraco ‎@glddraco
1:21 PM - 7 Jul 2016
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Rofl! I wonder if David Brock knows he's infamous for false accusations of giving us money to post.. because we would never support Hillary without getting paid for it?!

Even though so many of her supporters supported President Obama, too.. and President Obama supports Hillary with a lot super awesome endorsements.. Does that mean Obama is "suppose" to be a fellow Brockstar, too?

Hillary Clinton
✔ ‎@HillaryClinton
In a new interview, @POTUS talks about why Hillary has everything it takes to be president.
7:21 AM - 5 Jul 2016
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It is, Rivers.. thank you!

Thank you for these eloquent pleas from John Lewis, Rivers~

Just got this text message from @deray, who has been arrested in Baton Rouge - says being held with

Wesley Lowery Verified account 
Just got this text message from @deray, who has been arrested in Baton Rouge - says being held with 33 others


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