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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank you so much, IronLionZion!

I'll put it in my Journal~

Wow, rivers.. I have not seen it.. I love the contrast of historical imagery!


Mahalo, rivers!

"America's Destiny is Ours to Choose"

"Clinton Climbs as a Barrier Falls"

Nicole Merchut ‎@nicolemerchut
Brush that shattered glass off your shoulders, @HillaryClinton. #WeMadeHistory
12:53 PM - 26 Jul 2016
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So true, we're @ another cross roads!

I'm watching their interview on LO'D's now .. "That Was Only Half the Speech"..


It's so heartbreaking and emotional.. I took a break to come over and kick this thread.

I will watch the Vid you provided later.. thank you so much, bigtree.

Keith Olbermann Tweet on Sarandon

Keith Olbermann
✔ ‎@KeithOlbermann
I will always love and admire you, @SusanSarandon but honest to god this is a choice between paper cuts and cancer. STFU.
12:13 PM - 27 Jul 2016
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USA!! USA!!:

And, such a Wonderful Experienced Candidate she is! Hillary did this on her own.

USA!! USA!!:

Lol.. I was just going to say.. and Tim Kaine!


Si Se Puede, Maru! Got this out of my Journal back in February!


Let's go win this, together.

Hillary Clinton
✔ ‎@HillaryClinton
Let's go win this, together.
6:00 PM - 28 Jul 2016
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That's right.. good point. the Hypocrisy is stunning! And, yes.. the Free Speech

of USA!!!!! USA!!!! sounded very good drowning out those who were disrupting Elijah Cummings, the Medal of Honor recipient Flornet Groberg and all the other brilliant people who were there to support Hillary.

As retired Four-Star Gen. John Allen and Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg endorsed Clinton, hecklers interrupted several times, only to be drowned out by shouts of U-S-A! from the vast majority of the crowd. Both Allen and Groberg spoke at length about how Clinton was imminently qualified to be president of the United States.


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