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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,233

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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You nailed it on Senator Sanders BlueCaliDem.. Thank you!

And, this..

In 2012, he also called to have President Obama primaried.

"His excuse for voting against the 2007 immigration bill was because it included guest worker language he disagreed with. Guess what? So did the 2013 immigration bill - and yet he voted for it. His 2007 vote against against comprehensive immigration reform had the best chance to pass in Congress and signed into law by G.W. Bush."

His call to primary President Obama is equally reprehensible.

Mahalo BlueCali, I totally agree

Great.. so important for these folks in Rural America!

Thanks Nancy~

Nice Luckovich.. it sounds like he's

all in for Hillary, William!


ROFL! Just the Recs, baby.. Just the RECS!

Awesome, Kath! Thank you!

Hi.. Aloha, Justin! good to see you around these parts, sweetie.

Mahalo for your thoughtful OP.. we love you.


Absolutely it's not just DU.. the "Libertarian Liberals" that SJ is talking about are damn well all

over the net.

Nobody would be even be talking about those BS supporters if they hadn't gone after #BlackLivesMatter activists and supporters in the first place.. something they try to brush over while painting themselves as victims.

"...or that people are going after Sanders supporters because Sanders is so pure and pristine that no one can criticize him (easily one of the dumbest things I've ever seen here."

It's also one of the most hypocritical turn of events.. after years of whining that President Obama fans didn't like any criticism of him(which was untrue.. constructive criticism Yes.. "POSUCS-Trojan damn Horse-NO".).. turns out they brook no critique of BS.. whatsofuckingever.

Not all of Bernie's supporters around here are spinning as fast as they can to condemn this and other articles exposing the actions of "Libertarian Liberals" who went after #BlackLivesMatter Activists.. there are some who actually agree with them. They are the ones who are helping their candidate.

Thank you, Spitfire!


Mahalo Starry Messenger! "Campaign Zero" a plan to end Police Killings.. from your link..

Elzie added, "The four of us can't speak for every black person in America." However, she added, “As cliché as the phrase is, knowledge really is power in this case. I want people to make the best-informed decisions for themselves and their community, and I think Campaign Zero definitely helps.”

For instance, Elzie said, she scrolled over the Campaign Zero table showing presidential candidates and whether they'd taken a specific stand on the activists' 10 core issues. The Democratic candidates had many boxes filled in with positions, but the Republicans' were empty.

“It maps out plain as day who has spoken on what," Elzie said. “Just looking at this chart, the Republicans have said nothing about anything that remotely affects what’s happening in America right now.”

It's a tool, Packnett added, to “ultimately hold the 2016 candidates accountable."

Good, that's what we need.. since the Police Depts obviously weren't doing anything on their own.

Add this..

1. End broken windows policing.
2. Community oversight.
3. Limit use of force.
4. Independently investigate and prosecute.
5. Community representation.
6. Body cams / film the police.
7. Training.
8. End for-profit policing.
9. Demilitarization.
10. Fair police union contracts.


lovemydog http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1187&pid=23598

I took two years off in 2010.. all the doom and gloom exploding about ACA was extraordinarily

vitriolic and ignorant. It's now Obamacare and it's helping millions.. they can't even stand that.

They were wrong then and they're wrong now.

Have a peaceful hiatus DemocratSinceBirth.. you deserve it.

Peace, Love, and Aloha, Cha


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