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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,161

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I can tell you as someone who read what BS supporters were laying on #BlackLivesMatters supporters..

mostly Black.. but other supporters got attacked too. It was so ugly, egregious, and pervasive.. and it was said in Bernie's name whether his supporters knew it or not. It went on for 2 weeks or more and it's still going on. Actually some Bernie supporters were calling the ugly posts out, too(Mahalo!).

Martin O'Malley got confronted by #BlackLivesMatter @ NetrootsNation,.. but we didn't see his supporters attacking the African American online supporters of #BlackLivesMatter.... accusing them of being Rove Plants and accusing Hillary and George Soros of pulling the strings behind #BlackLivesMatter.

They accused African Africans on DU of calling "Bernie a racist".. because they had the audacity to question him about his stance on "racial injustice".. "He marched with MLK!!!".. not current enough, Bernie.

Bravenak whose thread this is about.. was speaking out to her former fellow BS supporters and begging them to cool it.. it wasn't working, she said.. It only got WORSE.. and she continued to plead.. they thanked her by Alerting her and Hiding her posts until she was given the ol du time out for however long. Silenced her they thought..

But, while she's been Censored on DU.. Bravenak wrote to Thom Hartmann about it and she thinks others must have written, too.. Because he properly called out DU on his show!..

This is the result.. bravernak's and others' activism.. Thom Hartmann is a compassionate, intelligent person who supports bernie..

Mahalo MADem! They can criticize all they want but the rampant hate illustrated with POCSUS,

TROJAN HORSE, and other oozing hate screeds.. and rec to the gills says everything about the posters and absolutely nothing about the President.

I don't know who these people are.. they have no cred with me.

The rest of the Country can see the whole forest and give him good marks.. while those online whine away.. history is passing them by.

Quit saying "Bravenak is a martyr".. you're way off base. And, quit accusing Hillary supporters of

of something you're obviously clueless about.

You came in here and rudely demanded the Hosts of the African American Group change the way they conduct business.

I am a friendly person but not to someone who comes into the protected AA group to whine about Bravenak and throws around accusations at my friends.

Edit to say.. This isn't about Hillary or any other candidates. It's about a strong African American voice who had been trying to let BS supporters know that their treating #BlackLivesMatter supporters with disrespect is Not Working.

And, for that she was alerted on and hidden by a jury pool that is "85%" Sanders supporters.

Wrong. Bravenak isn't a Hillary Clinton supporter.. and, it's your responsibility to know where

you're posting. No one else is here to do your work for you.

Then, while you're here.. you rudely come into the African American Group making false accusations and ordering people around.

This is why we have Protected Groups.. Havens for whomever or whatever that particular Group supports.. free from intruders and disruptors.

Good shot of Hillary and Senator Harkin, riversedge.. thank you!

What's this about accusing 1StrongBlackMan of being someone besides who he is? I missed

that. And, then 1Strong got a hide when he said he wasn't another person?

Who in the world would be so ignorant and so spiteful to accuse 1Strong of being someone else?

Thank you all .. who are signing on to President Obama's and SOS Kerry's Peace Deal with Iran!

Mahalo DMM~

98 Prominent Members of Hollywood's Jewish Community Sign Letter Supporting Iran Deal

http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/98-prominent-hollywood-jews-back-814855 via Hollywood Reporter

Yes, BRDS! "Good on the Real Progressives for calling out the hypocrisy" and the ignorance.

Notice how many of the same ones who insisted "President Obama's feet be held to the Fire" for 7 years are now proclaiming BS's feet to be off limits, so to speak.

Thank you for the reminder of the history of Fannie Lou Hamer in Mississippi.

I missed that part about a segment of DU railing against Bree Newsome for climbing the flag pole.. but, it figures.

No, just your sentence right here.. says you don't get it. you're the one who needs to learn..

and "understand". Not #BlackLivesMatters or their supporters.. it's all on you.

".. the BLM movement and the Black movement in general needs to understand.. .. " NO.

Tweet: #BlackLivesMatter did not ask that the Protesters in Seattle give an apology.. more spin

from BS supporters. They better watch that.. they're batting 0.

Mahalo 1StrongBlackMan!
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