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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 289,568

About Me

Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

Yea, the Manipulating media..

pushing deSadist.. what could go wrong

More People found out there's no there there. Just a crummy little Mussolini wanna with sub zero personality.

Neither can I.. they're missing

a Humanity gene and going straight for the jugular.
Who the fuck does H Floyd think he is?

Yes! & warning there's the Teeth grinding

thing from the other day.. and on and on it goes.

I saw that about him running..

I think. Didn't hear anything from DU about him being there. Maybe he didn't have enough money or sigs or whatever they needed to qualify.

More on deSatan..

Yep.. Putin's his mentor.

Yes orleans, when he spoke he

was brimming with Empathy & Heartfelt Compassion.

I know when we were in a Natural Disaster Crisis after hurricane Iniki wiped out Kauai It was so comforting when help came. Of course Lahaina is exponentially worse.

What I remember Pres Biden saying..

President Joe Biden lauded Maui community leaders, wildfire survivors and first responders who he said have “turned your pain into purpose.”.

lol.. yeah we know who you are... "America Fought Back"!!

Brilliant Positive Victory AD!! LOL@

d trump... just for a split second we get a quick shot of the Torturous Hell We Got Out of.. with the worst Ugly pic of Putin's Puppet.
Traitorump Whined that fox showed his worst pics.. wait till he gets a load of this.

Welcome to DU, 40oz to Freedom.

Putin's Puppet Seattle Times..

Mickey: "You'll Never be president ya little... "


TY Rivers!
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