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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 289,494

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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It seems like there's so much invested in

dragging on AG Garland for some to ever think anything was wrong with that Wapo article.

But I remember there were a lot of people on the thread who were calling it out for "the Timeline being shoddy reporting."

I admire AG Garland for what he's done in his career.. What an amazing brain.. too bad it wasn't done fast enough for those who wanted it rushed.

Aloha Beastly Boy

Yes, an Unbearable heartbreaking Tragedy..

But So many are coming together to help them and to rebuild eventually.

Pres Biden is On It!

That's Sweet.. Healing Vibes for the

People of Maui and The Big Island!

TY for all the tweet info.. Lauro Also told

The Magistrate that he was there to represent DT and the American People.

Glenn Kirschner was Furious when he heard that in the Adjacent Courtroom.

He said Lauro is Only there to rep DT!



trump Fucked UP Big Time..

Beautiful inside & out Shontel Brown on Ohio Vote NO!


Fuck John Lauro.. he already Tried to Galight

The Magistrate by telling her he was there to represent dt and on behalf of the American People.

Glenn Kirschner was Furious when he heard it in the adjacent courtroom yesterday.


Yay.. We're All On the Same Page! TY!

5. DOJ claps back at Yambo, stating he found time to file for a delay, but not time to review a 5-page order.

You’re all caught up.

Retweeted Jack E Smith..

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