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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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So far we have fox screws, breitbart, and

truthout(sic).. anyone else ignorantly accusing the President of "props" and shit and sick in their soul?

It was a brilliant speech made possible

by so much action already taken, she. President Obama and our country have been subjected to unheard obstruction and yet he and his Admin have opened up so many avenues of Progress for us! It's their incredible determination to take Action regardless of the spitefulness of the US House of Reps.

We Have to Do THIS>>>>>>> We Have to Help him OUT!

No one knows what it's like to be this President. So easy to take cheap pot shots behind the safety of the computer. The "prop" pushers tried to take away Sgt Cory Remsburg's dignity but they couldn't do it, she.. too many cleared-headed people came to support him and this President. Thank you for all you do to maintain the integrity of a reality based community.

We've all cheered the "Diplomacy" that has been coming from SOS Kerry, VP Biden, and PBO with Iran and
Hassan Rouhani. We're so fortunate that Iran has a leader who is willing to negotiate. The republicons and the warmongering dems want nothing to do with it but Obama has said he will Veto their bill for more sanctions..

White House Dares Democratic Senators Pushing Iran Sanctions To Admit They Want War


Why you want war, fools!

I saw a poll that 76% ..


"The media loves to repeat the theme that Americans hate politicians, including President Obama. So they buried the news that people watching President Obama's State of the Union address had an overwhelmingly positive response. A CNN instant poll showed that 76% of viewers liked the speech, but their article covering that fact was mostly negative to match the negative media narrative. And that's the supposedly "mainstream" media, not even the ridiculously anti-Obama right-wingers such as Fox News and talk radio."


I'm glad we have President Obama right now, DIrish!

Bernie and Elizabeth can have their turns in 2017 if that's in their future.

I'm also appreciative that we have Senators Sanders and Warren in the Senate because they definitely are the big picture kind of leaders who are so important for our Country's heart and soul.. as are the President and VP.

"...Obama gets totally raked over the coals.." for even having a wounded veteran as his guest at the SOTU because they didn't understand what was happening.. The kneejerking is emblematic of ODS.. you know the one that is denied it even exists.

Actually Sgt Cory Remsburg was being honored for Resilience in the face of unbearable challenges. The gopropaganda machine accused the Sgt of being a "prop".. they did not care for the message this sent of ending the wars. Not if they have anything to say about it.

PBO wants Peace Negotiations in Iran.. does that sound like someone who wants to glorify war? No, it doesn't. We're out of Iraq and winding down in Afghanistan..

"In last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama told the American public that the Afghanistan War, the longest in U.S. history, would end by the end of 2014. Proclaiming that Afghan forces are “now in the lead for their own security,” Obama’s next move is to finalize a security agreement with Afghan President Hamid Karzai which calls for a “small force” of Americans and NATO allies to remain in the war-stricken country, with said forces having moved to a “support role.”


Here's to those who appreciate what a brilliant, caring, courageous, compassionate, intelligent President we have now. And, I'm really grateful for Obama's sense of humor.. I know having one gets us through some rough roads.

[font size=21pt][font color=blue]YES WE[/font]

[font color=green]CANNABIS![/font][/font]

Uh huh.. sociopathic liars are a dime a dozen in the republiconbagger party..

They're here to Save us from this man and his mighty pen, she..

President Barack Obama signs a memorandum instructing the U.S. Treasury Department to create a new retirement account system after touring the U.S. Steel Irvin Plant in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania


Notice the "props" in the back.. More "props" in Costco..

Oooops! Will he ever stop trying to his message out, she!? "RAISE THE WAGE"?!


Mahalo for your OP, she~

yeah! OTOH.. Let's Get Real< shall we?

Mad Men creator Matt Weiner is another "sellout" out too.. he

was "honored that his show was part of the much needed conversation".

"President Obama’s surprise shout-out to Mad Men in his State of the Union address Tuesday night earned an enthusiastic thumbs-up from the show’s creator."


"Is Snowden Putin's Puppet?" Many of us have thought he must be..

why else would he be praising Russia's Human rights? That or he's living in a make believe world where up is down and down is up.

Finally, somebody is talking about this from the Human Rights Campaign..

"I have no special knowledge about his actions or his leaks, but I would surely feel differently about him had he not taken refuge in Russia, where his asylum request tacitly endorsed the dictatorial regime of his gracious host, Vladimir Putin."

My reaction is not only due to Snowden’s first statement from Russia, while he was still in legal limbo at the Sheremetyevo airport, in which he included Putin’s Russia—a police state and patron of despotism worldwide—on his list of nations that “stand against human rights violations carried out by the powerful rather than the powerless.” Putin’s many political prisoners would disagree quite strongly, and Snowden could have been more respectful of the many injured and dead among journalists and his fellow whistleblowers in Russia."

It was unbloodyreal.. ES was being repspectful to Putin.. jumping head first into the whole propaganda thing. I'd feel differently about ES if he hadn't praised Russia's human rights from the get-go like a damn puppet and if he weren't slinging propaganda missives from Russia like a wound up robot. Bill Maher hit it square on target when he said everything that comes out of his mouth is "fuckin' nuts". Why is that? Whose agenda is this?


".. The NSA is to the Stasi what a bad hotel is to a prison. It is not what a government does with data that defines it, it is what it does to human beings."

Totally ignored by the "Russia good-USA bad"crowd.

snip// from your link, DV..

" The idea that an individual could carry out this mission and then flee to China and take refuge in Russia without any involvement by the KGB is hard to believe. Combine these logical suspicions with his asylum claim and the aforementioned false equivalency between dictatorships and democracies and Snowden is hardly cut out to be a sympathetic figure among those who respect the universal nature of human rights."

Yeah, it's hard for me too.. and I don't believe it.

"Sochi will be defined by how well the Olympics shine a spotlight on the corruption and repression of Putin and all who willingly overlook his crimes."

Thank you for this piece from Garry Kasparov the chairman of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, Don Viejo~

Good phrase to know.. Mahalo!

No shit. President Obama is honoring this guy

in the Presidential box.. and it's going to be a hellava SOTU. They have to get their whiny sociopathic lies in there don't they? Be funny if the corp newz stations lost ratings right after the reality based.. POTUS' SOTU.

"Obama to honor Gov. Beshear in State of the Union; Ky. Governor heads to DC"

DIrish http://www.democraticunderground.com/1014710877

rand paul represents this.. and nothing else.

mahalo apple~

Thanks Laxman.. bookmarking!

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