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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"Obama Builds Environmental Legacy With 1970 Law"!!! Mahalo Lodestar.. Thanks Obama!!

Organic Farmers have no problem telling us what the nutrients are in their soil preparation..

The giant corporatewhore$$$$ like Monsanto?.. Shhh.. It's none of our fucking business what goes into the gmo toxic products..

Eat up, suckers.. or not.

"Why Iím (Still) Thankful For President Obama" by Joe Conason.. Cool.. I remember liking

him back in the bush error.

From your link..

"On a day when we pause to consider those things for which Americans ought to be thankful, I feel obliged to mention my appreciation for many of the things that Barack Obama has accomplished as President of the United States, and my profound relief that he is in the Oval Office rather than any of the Republicans who sought to displace him."

Mahalo WinstonSmith and Happy Thanksgiving to you.. nice Treat!

"I find it a breathtaking compounding of injustice to have a man like Bob McCulloch at the wheel at

the exact time that you fundamentally needed his opposite." So well stated.

I can imagine, KC.. Thank you all in Santa Monica for being there for Michael Brown.. this essay from dkos and your telling me your experience helps my faith in humanity that was shockingly absent from Bob McCulloch actions and bizarre speech after the Decision was read.

"It's a dire evil to have any cultural, political, or institutional tolerance for lynching by


LeftHandedMan gets it with brilliant eloquence.. Mahalo, KingCharlemagne~

"On some deep and fundamental level a disaster like MucCulloch will always fail to grasp how institutionally and systemically malignant his pathetic performance has been for our nation. People are going to die because of this man. People are going to be hurt as a direct result of his willful and ignorant negligence and neglect. Because he had priorities other than justice. Worst of all? He's not alone. America's interests are truly threatened by "public servants" who serve a thin and very narrow slice of the public's good, and who do so in so smugly and so overtly a fashion. This was a dark day in this nation's history, mistaken by a fool for a triumph. His rambling, self-congratulatory babbling brings my blood to a boil whenever I think of it. He tried harder to put Twitter on trial than a murderer who gunned down an unarmed man."

From your link..

"What happened in Ferguson could happen to a person of color anywhere in America. It's a fact. You can legally murder a young black man if you also wear a badge and a gun and you can gin-up a bad movie plot of a backstory. Just babble your illogical gibberish after the victim can no longer speak in his or her or their own defense anymore. What could possibly be worse? That being followed by a meandering tortured begging line for justice where the victim is on trial, and then a prolonged and self-congratulatory backslap from the miserable mite of a man who actively insured that the worst outcome was the only possible outcome. Rubbing and grinding salt in an already weeping gash with a pride that defies decency. This screams 'Don't be invested in the possibility that justice is obtainable via peaceful means'. Don't you dare believe"

"His rambling, self-congratulatory babbling brings my blood to a boil.."

That's exactly what I said when I saw Larry O'Donnell's "Rewrite" on what the ADA gave the GJ in DWilson case.

"With Prosecutors Like this, Darren Wilson Never Really Needed a Defense Lawyer."! My blood

is boiling!

Here it is on youtube, 20score.. if you want to put it in your OP..


Related, too..ucr.. from Portland, Ore..

News / Cops UPDATED: Chief Reese Says Cops Who Declared "I Am Darren Wilson" on Facebook Face Internal Investigation, Calls Actions "Inflammatory"

Posted by Denis C. Theriault on Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 10:03 AM

UPDATE 11:31 AM: Chief Mike Reese has issued a statement confirming he ordered the three officers named below to take down their "I am Darren Wilson" Facebook profile pictures. He's also asked Professional Standards to review the matteróusing their badges, he says, trumped the officers' right to free speech in their time off the job.


It didn't matter that Ferguson, Mo., was 2,000 miles away. When Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot unarmed black teenager Mike Brown in August, hundreds of Portlanders protested.

They marched to the Portland Police Bureau's North Precinct. They drew chalk outlines to represent African Americans killed by police.

"Aaron Campbell, James Jahar Perez, Keaton Otis," one protester said. "Everybody here was somebody. They were someone. And now they're gone."

"UPDATE 11:38 AM: Mayor Charlie Hales' office also has sent out a statement cheering the chief's decision, saying "the actions taken by these three officers here in Portland" run afoul of conversations on lowering the temperature in the community ahead of the grand jury announcement and ongoing attempts at police reform."

Ken Burch http://blogtown.portlandmercury.com/BlogtownPDX/archives/2014/11/24/portland-police-officers-tell-the-world-i-am-darren-wilson


Images of Darren Wilson's injuries are truly chilling. I've gotten similar bruises from..

Max Silvestri ✔ @maxsilvestri
Images of Darren Wilson's injuries after the shooting are truly chilling. I've gotten similar bruises from turning over my pillow too fast.
6:16 PM - 24 Nov 2014 326 Retweets 287 favorites


I'm thinking this is the face of demonry.

Chris Rock @ozchrisrock
Doesn't take 100 days to decide if murder is a crime, it takes 100 days to figure out how to tell people it isn't...... #FergusonDecision
4:17 PM - 24 Nov 2014 41,001 Retweets 28,752 favorites

Randi Weingarten ✔ @rweingarten
Very troubling."@jessipsa: As former prosecutor,it's 100% clear to me..only reason there's not an indictment is b/c McCulloch didn't want 1
12:03 PM - 25 Nov 2014

End with these beautiful chaps..

Bipartisan Report @Bipartisanism
Letís not forget what the media isnít showing you. Young Men cleaning up after the #Ferguson protests.
6:17 AM - 25 Nov 2014 2,464 Retweets 1,885 favorites


Good.. and I hope it continues ad infinitum.. I just got through blasting him on another thread.

Thanks hue
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