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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank you for the question, Skinner. The question that's getting a thousand

deflections.. Crickets from the OP, so far..

I'm waiting with bated breath.

It's very CLEAR and anyone who doesn't see that is trying to

deflect from the question just like the OP is doing with the "idolize" attack. Classic greenwald.. want to shut down discussion? Attack and deflect. Double down and never admit you're wrong.. it takes someone like the President to admit when they're wrong.

Hey... notice I didn't say "democratic" president.

The question is this..

"Because my impression is that DU hasn't been discussing "questioning" vs "idolizing." We're been discussing "insulting" vs "not insulting". So I ask: Is it obligatory that the president be rhetorically shat upon?" Skinner

Especially a President who's standing on the front lines between us and

fucking Koch Industries and the 5 Extreme Court.

Criticize your head off but don't Demonize to the point you grind yourself into fodder for rw hate sites. And, don't contribute to making DU a freaking Hate Site.

".. learning how government works"?! Pesky details when the keyboard is right there itching to throw out cheap pot shots at the President. Who btw shows respect to his enemies but is not accorded the same by assholes teabaggers and some who are more interested in their clicks.

Thanks BlueCali

"Hey.. I Investigated Myself.. It was the best $1 Million Bucks of Taxpayer's..."

Good Grief, fresh.. I know he's an asshole because of the way

he treats Gays.

Thanks for this.. the more you know..

I don't have a used car salesman story, gulliver.. but, really just want to say..

great writing and heartwarming.. your story was riveting!

I believe it!

I have not seen one post attacking anyone's family members. And, thank you for this,

11 Bravo..

"And by the way of full disclosure ... I think Barack Obama's push for the ACA was one of the most significant and courageous attempts by a President that I've seen in my lifetime. I also believe that the President's remarks on the Russian invasion of the Crimea have been grossly mis-characterized by some DUers. But none of that has a damned thing to do with anything I said in the first paragraph of this post."

"What Obama ACTUALLY said about Iraq" Mahalo


Most people know it.. some don't care fresh.. that isn't their problem.

Skinner knows what a circle jerk this is..


"The polarizing language about the president makes a good faith discussion on the merits extremely difficult. You are a smart guy, and you knew that echoing the insult that you used in the previous shitstorm would get exactly the response you got. I didn't particularly appreciate the last shitstorm, and I'm not going to get much utility out of this one either. This one thread isn't the end of it -- there are going to be a half a dozen other threads that get started over the next few days to rehash the appropriateness of calling the president names."

He called that one..


Excellent points, MADem..

See, a lot of people think that calling POTUS a "piece of shit used car salesman"

--Does NOT promote a positive atmosphere.

--Does NOT promote 'good discussions.'

--Demonstrates a "pattern of disruptive behavior"--particularly when it's done more than once, "con brio."

--Ruins the website for a large number of visitors (judging by the pushback from competing threads on the subject).

--Seems to OPPOSE the mission of DU.
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