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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Muchas Gracias to you and Joaquin, she!

We have another Superstar(in my book).. Tweet from Joaquin Castro Re: Bibi

Joaquin Castro ✔ @JoaquinCastrotx
(1) I have been asked whether I will attend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address tomorrow. I respectfully decline.
2:47 PM - 2 Mar 2015 234 Retweets 242 favorites


Bibi the Liar..

Maritza Solito @maritzasolito
@SpeakerBoehner @GOP STOP disrespecting President @BarackObama #BibiDoesntSpeakForMe #USlatino #Dems #WTF?
3:18 PM - 2 Mar 2015 New Jersey, USA, United States 23 Retweets 10 favorites


Thousands March In Moscow To Mourn Death Of Boris Nemtsov.. "I am not afraid"

MOSCOW (AP) — Carrying flowers, portraits and signs that said "I am not afraid," tens of thousands of people somberly marched Sunday in Moscow to mourn opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, whose slaying on the streets of the capital has shaken Russia's beleaguered opposition.

The mourners marched to the bridge near the Kremlin where Nemtsov was gunned down shortly before midnight Friday. Chanting "we'll not forget, we'll not forgive" and waving Russian flags, the crowd filled the road along the Moscow River embankment. Many tied black ribbons to railings along the way.

The mood was somber, with heavy security. Police helicopters flew overhead and police boats patrolled the river.


Exactly what we thought, Blanche! We could call the BOG.. the MOBOG!

Hey I like your little hearts!


Reggie Love has been a great friend to our President, she.. mahalo for his pics

Yes, President Obama only gets to serve 8 years.. but, as I saw on another site today..

"8 Years is only the Beginning!"

Nancy LeTourneau @Smartypants60
LOVE This!!! => Obama's post-presidential slogan: 'Eight years is only the beginning': http://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/7/71/336442/obama-next-chapter-eight-years-beginning
8:34 AM - 2 Feb 2015 47 Retweets 22 favorites


Exclusive: Obama's post-presidential slogan: 'Eight years is only the beginning'

WASHINGTON — Though President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle still have two years left in the White House, their foundation has come up with a bold slogan for their next chapter: “Eight years is only the beginning.”

When they leave on Jan. 20, 2017, Obama will be only 55 and his wife, who turned 51 on Jan. 17, will have just celebrated her 53rd birthday.

Not that I ever doubted it, but the Chicago-based Barack Obama Foundation‘s revamped website, which went live Friday, makes it clear the Obamas intend to maintain a robust public presence in the decades to come.

MOre.. http://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/7/71/336442/obama-next-chapter-eight-years-beginning

Wow.. thanks for that info, moondust.. on the deaths of Putin's opposition.. damn! :(

mahalo, karynVT! Well Done!

Documents show how Russia's troll army hit America


Posted without comment 'cause it speaks for itself.


LOL.. That's how the profitable "left" earn their click$.. It's "Devastating!".. "Inconceivable!"

Oh shite!

"Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko himself put forward the theory on Saturday. "He said he would reveal persuasive evidence of the involvement of Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Someone was very afraid of this ... They killed him," Poroshenko said, according to Reuters. He’s not alone. The New York Times talks to the New Times magazine editor who met with Nemtsov two weeks ago. Nemtsov reportedly told his old friend he wanted to publish a pamphlet titled “Putin and the War” about the country’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict. He knew the risks. “He was afraid of being killed,” the editor, Yevgenia Albats, said. “And he was trying to convince himself, and me, they wouldn’t touch him.”

UK in Russia ✔ @ukinrussia
UK, French and German Ambassadors crossing the bridge to lay flowers where Boris #Nemtsov was killed.
6:34 AM - 28 Feb 2015 446 Retweets 196 favorites

Leonid Ragozin @leonidragozin
Long line of people and flowers
7:55 AM - 28 Feb 2015 69 Retweets 41 favorites


RIP Boris Nemtsov
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