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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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This is most Awesome, Rose.. Thank you!

Of course.. it's working so well for him now.


It's disheartening but totally expected. President Barack Obama chose Hillary to be his SOS

They came to work together for the greater good of the country after he won.. the President is really fond of Hillary. And, they can't stand that.

That's what happens when we're working for something bigger than ourselves. That totally eludes them.

Obama: Making Hillary Clinton secretary of State one of my ‘best decisions’

Asking Hillary Clinton to serve as secretary of State was "one of the best decisions I ever made as president," President Obama told philanthropists and donors gathered Tuesday at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City.

The president showered the former first lady — and front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination — with praise, saying he "will always be grateful for her extraordinary leadership."

Obama went on to joke that he still had "a lot of debt to pay" because of the miles Clinton traveled when in his administration. But he also praised the former New York senator for her "post-administration glow."
"She looks much more rested," Obama said to laughter.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves behind enormous 20-year legacy with exit from office following start of President Obama's second term


I admire Hillary so much for her answer to President Obama's call to service. They started working together for the good of the country and our Planet. Not stuck in the past like so many people who only want to go on and on about it.

Evidently they've remained good friends.. and I couldn't be happier.

Michelle says it best..

Thank you for this, stillone. it saddens me that it's on this board and not freepville.. but, like I said.. it's expected with the caliber of posts that have come down the pike, which seems like forever now.

"Bernie Sanders’s supporters ignore what we learned from Obama"


Mahalo Surya..

Hanin' on Tight!

We've all been so good!

Mahalo, BlueMTex!

Great piece! Love the pic!

Eyes on the Prize~

"Person also said that I should be glad they haven't giving out my name yet, as they were thinking

of siccing a bunch of progressive friends on me (their words)."

I'm so sorry, Frenchie!

Unfortunately this has been ongoing problem with BS' supporters.. the very first it became evident was when #BLM interrupted him @Netroots Nation.. and, it's only way downhill since then.

Finally on practically the eve of the Iowa Caucuses management has decided to try and rein them in..



ETA: Sanders Aide Apologizes To Clinton Staffer For Bernie Bros’ Trolling


Coming into the AA group to insult Cali_Dem is offensive. A personal attack..

That would be like me going into the BS group and saying I don't think one of you "posts in good faith".

I would be blocked in a NY second. Course I never would because I respect boundaries. But, even if it weren't the AA Group where Cali_Dem is a member.. wherever.. it's a bogus accusation.

Oh snap! The #soestablishment Planned Parenthood that's only been helping Families since



Blast from the Past~

The 2009 Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger Award, the organization’s highest honor, will be presented to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has been a champion of women’s health and rights throughout her public service career.


Brilliant Ad.. "Crisis Point for Women.. We Need You" I Love It!

Mahalo, FrenchieCat~
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