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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 278,411

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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That's very appropriate, Jackie... thank you.

No Kidding!

And, it can't be exposed enough. They think they can get away that shit.. all of them.

I did read it.. it was so interesting... Mahalo, LaydeeBug..

It was shocking.. mission accomplished.

Did they ever expect so many people to respond by going to the airports and protesting their shocks?

And, Judge Donnelly? This is war.

And, the stupid blotus gets on twitter and shows off what an incompetent bloody buffoon he is.


It's time for his bottle



WTFU America


Going on vacation after 2 weeks..

big wuss.

He can't handle it like our President Obama did.. and the rwhiners whined about any vacation he took. They're too scared to call out blotus

Mahalo to you, herding cats!

Add this for good measure..

Good.. I'm glad it's out there that we're noticing how damn crazy he is..

Hillary retweets Michael Nutter yesterday..



Mahlao, mobeau

Welcome to Orwell's The Twilight Zone.. Big Vicious Asshole was

was pissed she wouldn't follow his heinous orders.


That on top of this woman



Mahalo for this Stonep! Judge Ann Donnelly is a hero

Thank you, John Dean for noticing!
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