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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 289,559

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I probably wouldn't like Pres Obama or Hillary very much if

I were a fake news fox truther.

Thank Goodness I'm not the brainwashable type just 'cause the flashy "news" station wants to think for me.

I had my chance in 1999.. I hadn't seen tv for a long time since I was on Kauai and we had a major hurricane that involved 5 years to rebuild our Island. Then I moved to upper state NY and bought a tv.. fox was one of the choices .. I thought.. "wow, they sure do news differently now.."

I lasted about 2 weeks and I could tell they were attempting brainwash and I hadn't even gotten into politics yet.. I got the hell outta there.

And, I heard much later from my son that my ex husband is a fox news truther.. My son was working on his father's house and told his dad he wouldn't work with fox on.. His dad said.. "it's all true" My son.. "no, it's not" I can see why that never would have worked out.

Good on you, Alice!

Well said.. speaking of "ethics"..


"I'd be willing to bet the bank, if I owned it, that lifting sanctions was as much a part of the..

conversation in all of these meetings as campaign tampering — the sanctions lifted being the payment for the election tampering help, and the novice American politician's cut of Rosneft being his personal payment."

Thank you for this Nexus, brush.. and as Jon Favreau tweets..


MOre Stupid on "speech" and brilliance from KO!!!!



Democracy dies in the darkness. It also dies if journalists pay more attention to tone than...


Thank Goodness! David Corn

What?!! for real?


So jones owns a big chunk of trump.. trying to make him "presidential" come Hell or High Water.

No wonder he has a damn job at cnn.. he carries a lot of shame.

The Stupid Burns.. swallowing stein LIES

Pres Obama dude.. Dan Pfeiffer's tweet..


On Sept 7, Dir. of National Intelligence James Clapper publicly suggested for the first time that

Russia was behind the DNC hack. 4/

Caroline O.‏ @RVAwonk 9h9 hours ago
Coincidences. Take. Planning. -X-

Thank you, bigtree

Don't think we missed it.. we got Al Gore, Kanye, Steve

Harvey, Tulsi Gabbard, etc etc..

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Goes to Trump Tower to Defend Assad

Tulsi Gabbard, a favorite of both progressives and Trump senior counselor Steve Bannon, met with the president-elect Monday to make a plea: Leave Syria’s dictator alone.


Gabbard is not a favorite with this progressive and she's my rep.

There was another post on this too.. with his pic. Just sayin'.. It needs to be posted many times.. Thank you, BB

Could the ol media have been derelict? Trying to make trump "presidential"/"normal"

This is from March 2014.. Not so "low key" anymore

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is Moscow’s low-key man in Washington


Doesn't look too healthy tho

Good to know!

There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and shame the devil”

Newspaper columnist and author Walter Lippmann (1889-1974) wrote in Liberty and the News (1920):

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