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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 286,628

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Excellent Reminder, mucifer.. Mahalo!

Good on Trudeau! And, how was your day?


"The Hairplug That Ate Decency"ROFL

A little bit of good news, as a couple of Senate Republicans joined with the entire Dem caucus to torpedo the nomination of Vote-Suppressin’ Jesse Helms Protege Thomas Farr to a lifetime federal judgeship. It's rare and really sort of refreshing to actually find a boundary to the madness, isn't it? Like, maybe it won't come to labor camps and soylent green factories after all?

Maybe Abe could also congratulate him on his “victory” in court, where a federal judge smacked down dearly-departed AG Jeff Sessions’ hateful attempt to strip sanctuary cities of federal funding. Shit, go to town Shinzo, congratulate him on his approval ratings, and how good he is at tying neckties.


Mahalo, Ferret!

Has trump insulting HWBush over the

years? Or just his sons?

Oh here it is.. from Jim Acosta!

No matter what you do the cool kids won't let you..

Looks like putin has gained weight

Frozen in time..

Mueller Time, she.

Mahalo, Here's an update from Bravenak, octoberlib..


Ah Ha! Thanks, SunSeeker!

Scuttled Trump Tower Moscow project back in limelight after Cohen guilty plea


Of course he does..


The Traitor of the US is also Scared...

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