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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 286,513

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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That's so good to hear.. on the

ground, behind the scenes, reports like this.. Thank You!

I read your post in the Symone Sanders Tweet thread and I had to do a double take.. I thought you would have a Biden pic but you have Kamala's and you were still disappointed in the way she attacked Biden. It was enlightening!

I think President Obama wouldn't be happy about this because he's a Uniter always has been.

Remember this?..

Barack Obama warns progressives to avoid 'circular firing squad'


Excellent points about the Democratic President and Vice President will have to heal our Country and by extension the world.

I think President Obama and VP Biden did a brilliant job of just that.. after the bush-cheney nightmare.

He is getting "dragged".. here's a sample..

Mahalo for making me look, Kahuna!

Good for Joe Biden and President Obama.. That was

the beginning which.. culminated..

She did get support from the AA

Community.. they both did..
We'll see what happens down the line..

Because you fought to make it happen, marriage equality is the law of the land,


With good reasons!

Biden lands 2020 endorsement from Atlanta Mayor Bottoms

"The larger context was that you have to work across the aisle with people you don't like, people you don't agree with," Bottoms said. "I do it each and every day as mayor of Atlanta in a red state."

Bottoms added that Biden's work on civil rights issues and his progressive resume demonstrate his commitment and that the remarks were blown out of proportion.

"My position is, if his explanation was good enough for John Lewis, then it's good enough for me," Bottoms added, referring to the Georgia congressman and civil rights icon who was among Biden's defenders after the controversy.


Oh Thank You for that beautiful pic of the Obamas and Bidens,

and the Rainbow WH, rivers!

Mahalo for telling us about Barbara Boxer

calling it out, RB. It affected people with 180 degree reactions. Many loved it.. and many did not.

My line is.. she said Biden is not a "racist" right before she threw a "plate of Spaghetti at him".


Did she say she smoked pot or someone in her family did?

It does open her up to more scrutiny and I wish it had never been started.

But, she felt she had to do it.. and here we are. Busing or not to bus.

Biden was pure class in his tweet about how she is being attacked.

Here's a sweet heartfelt tweet, highplainsdem..


The OP said IF Biden gets the Nom.. of course

he wouldn't get chosen if Kamala wins the nom.

Joe Biden has already been an excellent VP under President Obama.
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