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Cha's Journal
Cha's Journal
December 26, 2019

"Unhinged" is putting it mildly.. m$m should

have been all over that Hillary Derangement as in "Gabbard's not fit to serve".. going on tucker's fox show.. & Hannity.. followed up by Huckabee's.. oh Really?
Uh huh.. "..queen of warmongers.."? I'm calling BS.. I call Gabbard "queen of warmongers".

December 26, 2019

And, most of us Appreciate all the diligence of Dems who

consistently work for the helping The People.. Thank You!

BS ignores the accomplishments of the Democratic "Establishment".. I'm beyond tried of him attempting to make it a dirty word.. he's Not going to do it.

December 26, 2019

Yes Gabbard has burned a lot

of bridges. Excellent graphic to denote said bridges.

Mine was in 2012 when she went of faux news all the time and whinged about President Obama.

Why would Yang want more of this in the debate?

December 26, 2019

According to the last debate, though.. BS was in the

"Loser" column and Joe Biden was the WINNER!


Bernie Sanders on race, again: If there was one issue that dogged Sanders in his 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton, it was his inability to appeal to minority voters. And for one striking moment on Thursday, that problem reared its ugly head

The candidates were asked about the declining diversity in their debate field, and when the question was presented to Sanders, he opted instead to try to talk return to a previous topic, climate change. Debate moderator Amna Nawaz of “PBS NewsHour” cut in, though. “Senator, with all respect, this question is about race. Can you answer the question as it was asked?”

The crowd roared. Sanders tried to rescue it by saying people of color would suffer from climate change, too, and then he offered some boilerplate about problems that plague minority communities. It was one moment, but it came just after the only minority candidate onstage, Andrew Yang, gave a detailed answer citing the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and it briefly revived some old demons.

Sanders also, shortly thereafter, responded to a quote Barack Obama recently gave about old white men running countries. When debate moderator Tim Alberta noted Sanders was the oldest candidate onstage, Sanders interjected, “And I’m white, as well!” It wasn’t awful, but it may not have been the time to emphasize that.

Thank you for this report, Tom!

December 25, 2019

Omg.. "The truth is there are many people in this country who have money but also believe in social.


Oh is that the "truth", BS.. well.. Does not that apply to Mayor Buttigieg?

Thank you, ehrnst!
December 25, 2019

BS endorsed Lewd Misogynist Cenk Uygur in CA 25 after he was Urged Not to..

The National BS Campaign was Urged to Stay Out of Race..

Sanders’ abrupt reversal represented a misstep for Vermont senator and presidential candidate. The California arm of his campaign was warned about Uygur's past comments and urged the national campaign to stay out of the race, sources told POLITICO.

But Sanders endorsed Uygur regardless.
His intervention created turmoil on the ground in California’s 25th Congressional district, a seat that Democrats flipped in 2018 but is now vacant after Democrat Katie Hill resigned amid allegations of sexual impropriety.''


Similar denunciations poured forth again following Sanders’ endorsement on Thursday. Even supporters of the Vermont senator expressed dismay that the progressive standard-bearer would back a candidate, in Uygur, with a problematic history. Local activists also groused that, unlike Smith, Uygur does not live in the district.

December 25, 2019

Thank you for this, underthematrix!

This is absolutely fascinating. The DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT is the most diverse caucus ever which means he's talking about taking on black and brown political leadership.

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