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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 286,405

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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That was a Horrible OP by Pitt.. I'm so

so sorry for what he said to you, Prof GAC

This is what I just wrote that I remember about Pitt..

He wrote Crap pieces like calling President Obama a POSUCS.. "Piece of shit used car salesman".

& he got banned for insulting Hillary & saying he wouldn't vote for her..

Pitt is part of the Problem Why we have trump NOW & for the last 4 Fucking Years.


And, he fucking stupidly called President Obama "a Trojan Horse"..

What the heck is up with Colorado that

I love?!

The Gov & his partner had it, my Grandson got it in Denver last month & was sick for 3 weeks with harsh flu symptoms.. but has recovered & tested negative now.. Thank Goodness! We were so Worried! He got it from his housemate who was asymptomatic.

And, my Grandfather passed on from the Pandemic ,in a small town on the Eastern Plains in Colorado, in 1919.

And, now this is happening..

Rt TY!

Exactly what I was thinking of..

trump owes them a lot of money & more than agreeable to Screw Everybody Over at his Creditor's behest.. That's his freaking nature.

Lucky us.. we got the Siberian Candidate for 4 years.. & now we have the monumental task of Clean-up.. led by soon to be Pres Biden & VP Harris!

Aloha, Sheltie!

Whoa! Just saw this from Joe Walsh..

Which reinforces the point I've been making...

Mahalo, StClone & Mele Kalikimada to you & yours!

You know what, Birther *****? You Deserve to be

KICKED OUT OF OUR WH!.. & guess what?!!

You ARE COME January 20, 2021.. you & your Treasonous Butt Ugly ASSFACE of a Spouse.

Bye Felicia..

What the Holy Fuck! The Fly Made him Do IT..

Thank you, Fly!

Like The Dems with Leader Nancy

Pelosi did when they Won the Blue Wave House Victory in 2018 on Health Care & then IMPEACHED trump on December 18, 2019.'

And we Went on to Win the Presidency in a Landslide with 81 Million Votes & 306 EVss!

How "Dry was the Powder"?

TY for this.. it is exciting! Short simulation

Vid at the link..


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