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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 278,410

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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which makes me wonder why Putin said..

more or less that there's nothing to the Hunter Biden story?

Putin has shut down the Hunter Biden story


October Surprise Putin sells Trump down the river Hunter didn't do anything illegal


TY for posting this.. This is Reprehensible that

BS would be Disingenuously Bashing the Democratic Party this Close to the Most IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!

Newsweek: Bernie Sanders Says Democratic Party Has Become a 'Party of Coastal Elites'


We Need to WIN the Senate, Keep the House, & WIN the WH.. How is THIS HELPING.

What was that he said about "Doing everything Possible to Defeat trump"?!

NewsFLASH.. This is NOT IT!

Oh he said some 3 days BEFORE, TOO..

Aloha, Kahuna!

Well said.. it's amazing to me that

anyone wants to cover up what BS is saying About the Democratic Party.

Our job is Not to cover for him.

We want to Win the Senate, Keep the House, and Win the WH.. and he comes up with this INACCURATE STATEMENT 4 Days BEFORE OUR Most Important Election EVER?

Please don't try to change the subject &

pull out the "hate" card.

Read what BS said.. that's what DU Members don't like.. 4 fucking Days before the Most Important Damn Election EVER!

Rt.. I've seen it before.. Chelsea gets

insulted and she is nice and logical back to them. It's her MO.

Chelsea is really Cool! 2.7Million followers.. she Retweeted this..

Beautiful down there.. yeah

many life times ago.

I remember coming back from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia with Cindy again in 2008 and we stopped at this interesting looking rock store.. and I found a rock that was amazing.. it was flat and had green, blue, orange, and yellow colored rings inside the circle. It kinda reminded me of Saturn & the Obama logo.

The rock person wrapped it in an used newspaper that had an article about Obama in it. I took it as a good sign!


Aloha, pandr! Just look at us

being first to exceed 2016 voting total!


💙TY.. Do you know where this was taken?


Rt.. WOW! Can you imagine how

Ballistic they are in Maggotville?!

Judge Emmett Sullivan!
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