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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Tara Reade is all over the place and

directly contradicting herself.

She was attacking Russia and Putin and then in 2018 she couldn't praise him enough.

2017 — Reade repeatedly attacked Putin and Russia on Twitter for election interference and for Russian legislation that legalized domestic violence.

2018 — Reade claims she liked Russia since she left Washington DC (over a decade ago), and praised Putin and Russia over and over again. She also directly praised Putin for his treatment of women in multiple articles.

Reade Called on Biden to be Investigated for Burisma

In 2017, Tara Reade could not praise Joe Biden enough for his politics, and his treatment of women. Then, suddenly in 2019, her tune began to change. Not only did she begin accusing Biden of workplace misconduct and then eventually sexual assault, but she was also pushing Russian/GOP conspiracy theories about Burisma.

And, she called Assange "a hero".

There's quite a lot to process her. Thank you for this, DeltaLitProf

Thank You! Not only did DT's Stupidity "delay"

the investigation.. he tried to blame it on the Democratic Party as a "Hoax".. he should be charged with criminal negligence.

The Biden campaign unveiled a coronavirus plan on March 12 that was way ahead of where the Trump administration was at that point. It called not only for more testing and more aid to impacted areas — both of which are now happening — but also for expanding health-insurance coverage and for ramping up international coordination to fight the pandemic. These are both areas in which Trump remains woefully deficient. (The number of Americans without health insurance has been rising under Trump.)


Priceless! TY, Leghorn! Retweeted!



Biden has said he's ".. not interested in anymore debates".. BS has lost and his campaign is smearing Joe.

Why would Biden want to debate that? BS hasn't earned it.

So much for this quote of BS'..

Donald Trump must be defeated,” Bernie Sanders insists, “and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.”


I do not think "it's too harsh".. that's what

many are saying who are out here Sheltered IN.. and loved ones of those who have perished.

DT called it a "Democratic Hoax" and wasted precious TIME.

I suppose Biden didn't want to accuse the asshole of having blood on his hands for.. reasons.

ETA.. Plus..

Warren Says Trump Admin Is Preventing States From Obtaining Coronavirus Equipment


Joe Biden said it Perfectly, Bill! Thank You!


Mahalo, Salviati! This tweet is via Gothmog and a great response

to that "..excited.. " meme..

Thank you for that, Tweet, Goth! Please check out my OP

with Klion's meme in it from Hawaii Delilah..



HawaiiDelilah.. You better fucking believe I am excited to vote for Biden.

StaySafe, Peeps
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