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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 270,373

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

The actual tweet if you'd like to Rt & a pic of Dr Jill Biden..


Rt TY for that reply from Marc Elias!


trump isn't "tired" of raking in $$$$$$$

from his Brainwashed Idiot cult.

The Big Fleecing of American Idiots.

Rt.. it Took A whole Lot of Hard Work

by so many people & the SC & Fed & State Judges siding with Democracy for it to work.

Is it any wonder trump did exactly what he wanted.. selling America & her People OUT.. because he thought he would fucking Cheat like he Always does & WIN Anyway!!!!

What the Fuck Ever, Fascist LOSERS w/o


Texas+17+10b Defeat capped an uber Losing Streak....


his lawyer(?) jenna ellis did..OUCH, Supremes!


trump called it a "democcrat HOAX" for

70 days" & then proceeded to do every possible to Mock Masks & safety Protocols.

You get NOTHING, ASSFACE.. You should be in Prison for Negligent Homicide!

Wonderful.. Thank you for

telling me where that Beautiful shot came from.. & the Beach Boy history!

My son grew up in La Jolla & surfed at Windansea that was in our neighborhood.

That's not him! nor did I take that pic But Awesome shot!

Breaking All Over! Rt TY! "Rescue"

trump from the gutter.. Hard Pass from the SC!

Poor Pitiful pathetic POS Brainwashed Idiots.

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