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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yes, that's a nice

way to put it.


Exactly, your last


It's who's running as a "socialist" too.. I haven't liked any of them.. broad brushing insults at our Democratic Party.

For instance Nina Turner in the Ohio 11 Primary.

Thank Goodness Shontel Brown WON!

Wow.. Hawaii is Blue..

and Elects Dems.. like Rep Kai Kahele.. who move Democratic Values Forward.. Not Obstruct!
TY for the article it's very informative.. Maybe Sergio Alcubilla can use Case's Obstruction against him?

Oh I just read this part!..


I am not sure how much of a campaign issue BBB will be, come next August when the primary rolls around. But Alcubilla says Biden’s plan “is at the very heart of my campaign for Congress.”


Yeah you be sure and "Bookmark" it..

I've Bookmarked THIS..

Also.. the Senate voted UNANIMOUSLY against defunding the police...


Lol at all the DOOM & GLOOM!

I'm with Pooh & You, Me!

I'll "keep it up".. I have "more to say"..

Sarandon is a Lying, GD 3rd party RF who spewed all over that "Hillary was more dangerous than trump".
She controversially cast her vote for Jill Stein and implied Hillary was ‘more dangerous’ than Trump, but the Oscar-winning actress says she has no regrets.


That Lying Pissant will be called out.. she's NO Democrat.

Healing Vibes to Pres Clinton..

Poster Idiot for his own worst eneny.


81.8K LIKES.. Here's the Tweet for Retweeting..

Bobbet is dead because of Treasonous Psycho.
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