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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Investigate This..


Ryan Crocker Blames trump for what is happening right now!

Trump even had private discussions with the top Taliban leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. I could only imagine what was said and promised. Not only did Trump cave to the Taliban by giving them everything they asked for, but no members of the Afghan government were present. None. Trump completely cut them out of the deal.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker, who was appointed under George W. Bush, blames Trump's "peace" deal with what is happening now because Trump would only work with the Taliban and completely delegitimized the Afghan government.

Top Taliban leaders are among the 5000 that Trump released last year over everyone's objections

One year ago, the Donald released 5000 Taliban fighters in exchange for a cease-fire to help his flailing presidential campaign, despite strenuous objections from both the Pentagon and the Afghan government. President Ashraf Ghani warned that their release would be a
"danger to the world."


Worse, the Taliban leader who is set to
taking over Afghanistan, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, has Trump to thank for his release:

The disaster unfolding in Afghanistan came from the deal that Trump made a year ago, except he wanted it to happen sooneróby Christmas of last year. He postponed it after his loss for Biden to deal with it in May. The Pentagon asked for more time, so Biden pushed it to the end of August. This enraged conservatives for delaying the withdrawal.

Keep in mind that Donald J. Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David the week of September 11 to strike what was essentially a surrender deal, but cancelled after the obvious backlash of hosting the Taliban on 9/11. Instead, he sent Pompeo to Qatar to sign the deal with the Taliban, and announced that he had given the Taliban everything they asked for because "everyone is tired of war."


I think this is super Important.. TY for the link, bdamomma.. the M$m is avoiding it.. it needs to be VIRAL NOW!

I'm not going to blame the Dems for this..


Dann good question.. are they covering it up?

First I've heard of it.. 'course I don't see everything.

Where was the "media" feeding frenzy outrage over This?!

Yeah, why the hell would anyone cheer

about taliban soldiers being released?

'cause it was fucking trump who did it?

The media witch hunt needs to put down the torches and pitches & Get A Grip.

The Very Best Healing Vibes to your Grandnephew, Dems!

How about Blaming trump for giving Putin a Pass

for paying extremists to Attack America and English Soildier?

Russia did pay extremists to attack US soldiers in Afghanistan...3 separate Taliban sources


So.. How about "Saving" the Afghanistan

Translators' LIVES?

And, the Capitol Police's Lives & the Congress People's Lives?
Yes, an Excellent day to remind us of what was said then and what's happening right now.

The Squad was Wrong about this, too.. TCP Deserve Better!

Aloha, Beagles
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