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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 280,283

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Dear Twitter Advertisers..

TY Dinah!

Have you seen this tweet, she? "Going down with the ship.."

Good.. somehow I didn't think you would be leaving.. not yet anyway!

As If We Didn't have Enough SHIT

to Deal With Fighting to Save Our Democracy.. along comes a Nasty Nazi loving Imbecile with Billions of $$$$ to buy Our Social Media Platform where more or less Justice Prevailed.

MuskRatFucker wants Fascism to Take Over America.. you can't make this Shit UP!
That's my attitude.

No wonder the Idiot Deleted it.


Here's this Tweet of "some of their advertisers"


It's So Heartbreaking what happened

to our Twitter, SunSeeker.

I love these Tweeters who are taking on muckhead on his own Social Media.

We Now need a Social Media of Our Own!

I'm sticking around for now but that could change at any time.

Yeah, Blue Sky/ Jack Dorsey!

High hopes!

BOOM! TY TY TY! Tweet from Abigail..


Mahalo, Cat! Sniveling Coward..

Paul Pelosi WON against a 42 year old brainwormed David Depape who despite making stuff out of hemp and dancing with the nudist mother of their children.. is a Magat sodden Idiot.

David Depape, Paul Pelosi Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

He also posted about Kanye West, writing, “Ya I remeber the backlash and insults when you came out in support of Trump.”

Depape also weighed in on George Floyd, writing, “Lets get into George Floyd before I forget. What’s the difference between justice and a lynching. Justice is based upon evidence. While lynchings are based upon optics.” He claimed that Floyd was not killed by Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee, writing, “The autopsy showed a FATAL level of fentynal in his system and that he had died of a heart attack consistent with the symptoms he was exhibiting prior to being placed on the ground.”


Ikr! That's one I didn't Retweet.. lol

I liked the one especially about Not ceding any ground with the Midterms coming up..
So True! :
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