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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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& "Nothing Says Ban Assault Rifles like..


TY for the nutshell of Mastriano..


TY.. Here's the Actual Tweet if Anyone wants to Retweet.


Tierich replies..


And, who shall Protec US from the Extreme 5?


Twitter is what we make of it..

I support those who are Fighting for Our Democracy.. that is Critically on the line Now.

Like these guys..

Rep Swalwell Deftly Calls Out Sarandon's Egregious tweet..


Rep. Eric Swalwell

Can everyone all at once tell
to sit this one out? She’s caused enough trouble. Us real progressives will take it from here.

Susan Sarandon
A lot of good that did in 2020.

Dems are going to use this to fundraise and get you to vote for them again despite sitting on their hands for the last two years. Instead of actually standing for anything, their only strategy is scaring you into voting blue.


You're Welcome, John! Interesting article..


“This is another hard fought victory,” Brown said in remarks celebrating her victory Tuesday night. “I’m going to continue to show up for you.”

Turner had hoped that new district boundaries, which now include more of Cleveland and the liberal bordering suburb of Lakewood, would be friendlier turf for her.

More Snips..

In the rematch, Turner again had support from Sanders, I-Vt., and other allies of his movement. But the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which endorsed Turner last year, switched its allegiance to Brown for this year’s primary. And whereas Turner tapped her robust national fundraising network in the first race, Brown had the fundraising edge this time.

She possesses a demeanor that is magnetic,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., said of Brown last week before he headed to Cleveland to campaign for her. “She draws people to her, and she’s been doing that since she’s been in Congress.”


And, here she is.. at the Met Gala!


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