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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 289,571

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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The Only Thing Standing Between Us & Christian Fascism is..

Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!

Mahalo, lapucelle! I have a Tweet for

those who are Dragging on Dems. over Roe V Wade..
There's No GD Excuse for NOT Uniting Against Fascism.

Save Our Democracy in 2022 & 2024!

Oh Yeah, I can Imagine!

I always thought Minnesota would a happening place to live.


Excellent Perspective, Cat! Mahalo!💙

Now they're going to be fighting the rest of their lives, their children's lives and their grandchildren's lives to regain the ground we've lost and are still losing.

The system is severely flawed, but victory went to those who were patient enough to exploit it and work within its constraints. Just like our previous victories were ours, before we threw our last semblance of intelligence to the wind and burned our long game to the ground.


Many Here Don't Like NT saying "Voting

for Joe Biden is like eating shit..

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Co-Chair Nina Turner Compares Voting For Biden To Eating 'S**t'


And, she Pushes 3rd Party Voting.. says she wouldn't vote for Hillary.

Nina Turner, a 2020 Bernie campaign chair, refused to support Hillary days before the 2016 election.


Don't tell me she's a "Dem".. Please don't try selling us on Nina Turner, Eugene.. It's Not Happening.


MUSK legal to vote in Texas? - voted QAnon to flip Dem seat & calls for a Red Wave



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