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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 289,579

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Oh I like the way Zoe Rom puts this.. !

Whether you’re on a jog around the neighborhood or fleeing the violent mobs whose fury you stoked for your own political gain,

Please Fight to Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!


We've seen this happening in Traitorville

Magat states.. and yes Fascist Cheaters Disregarding the Will of the People like some GD Russian Dictatorship.. is our imminent Danger.

Thinking this is what could lead to Civil War.. Who's gonna let these drooling zombie assholes rule America?
Please Fight to Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!

They care more about

themselves than our Country & Panet.
Please Fight to Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!

Because Too Many Care about their Brand

than they do about Roe..
Oh & BTW.. PJB did Do something about it 2 days ago!y..

Mahalo for asking, bean!

Please Fight to Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!

I know they Act like they're on the side

of Roe..

Good, Death InSanity has Gone Full


DeSantis signs bill requiring Florida students, professors to register political views with state


Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!

Thank You.. Exactly.. And That's what

I've said, too..

"That's What Our Declaration of Independence Was All About.. Fighting Against Tyranny and Winning!"

I figured Dems were in the majority in Wisconsin while the fucking magat hyenas looked for ways for Fascist Takeover, to Stop The Will of the People, with their state and house , and SC majority.

It would be Glorius If the Feds could do Something to Stop this Shit. Hope Gov Evers is Working On It:candle:

Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!

PS.. maxrand has one solution down thread..


Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!

I'm right with you on the BACKFIRING

at the Fascist Fucks in Wisconsin & All Over the Country.. Some Way Some HOW!

It's So heartbreaking to feel So Helpless with All the Magat Takeover of our Country.. This would be On Super Steroids If Biden hadn't Won & We didn't have the House & Senate Now!

I'm thinking Civil War could be possible if the US SC Stops The Will Of The People!
Save Our Democracy💙 in 2022 & 2024!
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