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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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WOW! I believe it.. what a


We were wondering if there was going to be a hurricane.. we were on the beach in Poipu in front of the Sheridan the day before and it was dead calm and Hot.

The Siren Blew at 5am the next morning and they had to wake me up.. We heard on radio later that Iniki was headed towards Oahu and then it changed course.. the guys on the radio were so happy!

We had gone next door to Big Save but all the water and batteries were gone.. I don't know how we survived but we did.. so much younger then.

I didn't know you, though.. I had only been on the Island for 2 months.. staying at my son's house in Koloa. The house stayed intact but it felt like it wasn't going to at times. Once I heard what sounded like a train was barreling down on us! There were 14 people.. my son's surfer friends.. great bonding experience!

Ha! Someone trying to Sluff off desantis' $12 Million


"I AM CRYING & SHAKING AT MY DESK. Just got off the phone with my Mohela rep"

I saw this tweet earlier.. apparently from someone who is a Recipient!

I AM CRYING & SHAKING AT MY DESK. Just got off the phone with my Mohela rep (after being on hold for 33 minutes) who confirmed that my student loans were forgiven through the Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Last week my principal said $50k, now it's 0!

That's right.. TY for the Reminder, FN!

"The All Time Forever Winner of

I Told you so"!!


I'm with Jeff Tiedrich here..

I know it's not PJB's fault but this Dangerous Treasonous Idiot needs to be Stopped!

The Freaking M$$$M won't be a part of it.. we know that.

Worth Posting Again! I don't

think it was in a tweet yesterday and now we can spread it VIRAL!! TY!
Good on those who Got the Screenshots!!

"Impeach" that Fuckface!

Second it..

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