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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 286,533

About Me

Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

Under Senate rules, that move allowed him to start the clock

running toward a vote as soon as the House passed the measure in a bipartisan 314-117 vote before the clock struck midnight instead of Thursday morning.

Congress is racing to wrap up the package to ensure the government can keep paying its bills, and avert what could have been a global financial crisis.

The Treasury says it will run out of cash as soon as Monday, a tight deadline that forces Schumer to pull out all the legislative tricks to get a bill passed and sent to President Joe Bidenís desk by then.

Ty & Sen Schumer!


TY.. It's Inaccurate to say he "fell".. that's's

Vastly Different than Tripping over a Freaking Sandbag! Damnit!

So now you want Grandma to join POC, LGBTQ, teachers , officers, drag queens, students, Democrats


Larry O'Donnell on "Biden WON""..


What an Encouraging Analysis

from LO'D, Rhiannon.. TY!

And, Enlightening!


I think you're right &

Kev Strong armed to get this for himself.

Wow.. This is Good.. Needs to Go VIRAL!!


Mahalo, TexasT.. I'll help with that!

And, Don't Have Disney Characters

Singing Nasty Songs about them.


MoRon Took a Deep Dive Into This..

FAFO.. You're So Wrong Wrong You MoRon Ron.

.. Yeah That shit don't fly.. 'cause WOKE's Alright!.." Do MoRon Ron Ron..

The Lyrics are Good!


Oh Happy Day Launch!


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