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"Soon we must choose between what's right and what's easy"

I have a confession: I love all things Harry Potter. The books, the movies; I even have a book of knitting patterns based on Harry Potter characters. (I just bought the yarn for Ignotus Peverell's Cloak Of Invisibility.) I recently watched, again, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. One thing leapt off the screen at me: when it was clear that Lord Voldemort was back striking fear into everyone, Dumbledore quietly told Harry: "Soon we must choose between what's right and what's easy." It was the tipping point for Dumbledore and the Hogwarts, and of course Harry. Put up or shut up. Face the danger head on. There are no good alternatives, no hiding, no pretending that the situation is less than dire.

We too are facing that tipping point. We feared a Trump presidency, so much so that before the election many of us, me included, dismissed the possibility. It was over the top. Surely the country could see how utterly Trump was unsuited to the presidency of anything, let alone the United States. He was crazy, he was a clown, he was someone to be mocked, not voted for by any sane person.

He was dangerous.

He still is. He's as bad as, and worse than, anything we imagined. Our country is possibly in more danger than at any time in history, and that's saying something. It includes the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, both World Wars, the Cold War, 9/11 and the terrorist threat in general. And of course, bigotry is now given legitimacy it hasn't had for years, thanks to the White House occupant.

I don't need, in this forum, to list in detail the atrocities this so-called president has inflicted on our country just in a couple of months. The lies, the demented Tweets, the betrayal of the people who voted for him, the hatred of an entire religion, the dismissal of those in need, including children, are there for all to see. No one can deny the horror. No one, that is, who has any decency, humanity, moral compass.

So, what's right vs what's easy. It's easy to say things will work out. Surely even his supporters and Republicans in Congress and others in power will be able to see that the country is in crisis. We need do nothing but sit back and wait.

Except it won't work. There are people out there who, for various reasons, will support the monster currently occupying the White House--Our House. As he himself said, he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose support. THAT is not merely crazy, it's terrifying. What's right is that we must confront evil head on. Not by violence except of course in self defense, but by resistance.

It's happening, throughout the country. People are demanding answers from our elected officials. They are protesting Trump at every opportunity. The Women's March on January 21 was a beautiful thing, throughout the country and world wide. But it was just the beginning. We can't afford to let the outrage fade away; this is what the villains are counting on. If you can't physically protest for some reason (health, work and other obligations, etc) support those who do in some way. Join The Indivisibles who have valuable suggesttons on getting involved in the Resistance.

Resist. It won't be easy, but it will be right.
Posted by NastyRiffraff | Sat Mar 18, 2017, 12:50 PM (6 replies)
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