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Not at all. And the question strikes me as disingenuous.

Ever wonder why the machine politicians and rich people who run the Congress as a self-service cornucopia for corporate lobbyists and billionaires don't do anything to end the system of legalized bribery that put almost all of them in their seats?

Your question is actually the reverse of the reality: How do the few honest people amongst them stand to deal with the overwhelming majority of gangsters, fakers and poobahs?

The young power Sanders' campaign while the old cling to Clintonism.

At least, among those registered Democrats in New York who attempted to vote and were actually counted. Interesting results from that primary:

To which age group do you belong?

Sanders 55%
Clinton 45%


Clinton 66%
Sanders 34%


"Hillary was the architect"?!

Since that's your nonsense and not a Clinton campaign statement - they've been dumb at times but not yet this dumb - you'd be smart not to repeat this nonsense. If it's picked up by right wingers it will end up a bigger joke than "Al Gore invented the Internet."

Almost 800,000 New Yorkers who were allowed to vote last week actually think the carpetbagger should stop pretending she has anything positive to do with our state. Don't you speak for us.

And if last week's election had been open to all New Yorkers in a single vote, Sanders would have been runaway first and Clinton and Trump would be fighting to see who gets into the runoff. If even that.


That's not anyone's insinuation.

In response to whether she is a progressive, she ended up saying during a debate that her record as SoS received the praise of Kissinger!

Her "policy positions" are not the only relevant criteria. She changes these all the time.

More importantly, HRC has a RECORD:

- the lead hawk in the Obama administration
- pushed for the destruction of Libya without a plan for the day after, which Obama has called the worst mistake of his administration
- supported the coup d'etat in Honduras, with horrific consequences since
- pushed for an attack on Syria in 2013, which Obama nixed.
- her underlings pushed for the Ukraine coup d'etat of 2014, with the disasters there since
- as senator from New York provided essential support and echoed all the lies of the Bush administration in voting for the unprovoked war of aggression to destroy the nation of Iraq, with all the horrific consequences since.
- continues the bellicose and useless rhetoric against Iran and Russia, while fully backing the worst regime in the world in Saudi Arabia, primary state sponsor of the terrorists we supposedly fear
- the extremist right-wing government of Israel can do no wrong and must be backed at all costs

Of course Kissinger likes all that - and she CHOSE to invoke him as her mentor and supporter. In a debate!


In any politics, one needs persistence to get numbers.

Surrendering because a round looks bad is preemptive capitulation.

Losing a round doesn't end the fight. 2017 will follow 2016. If the president is a neoliberal machine politician -- someone who embodies the domination of big money in politics, who supports more war, and who isn't ready to address the destruction of the ecological basis for human life on this planet -- then people will just have to fight to push or replace said politician. Tough. There is absolutely no reason for Sanders to surrender that fight now, or for you to expect that it does not continue into the future.

How about I don't care about "math." I care about politics.

Millions of people have yet to vote and they should have a choice. Of course Sanders will and should go to the convention with all the delegates he wins. If that's not enough to take the nomination, they should do all to affect the platform and change the undemocratic rules of the primary. I will be happy to help enable this with additional small contributions, along with the millions of others who have done so.

Sanders' politics are forward-looking and realistic, both obviously affordable in this very rich country and rooted in the reality of the true crises we face. Clinton's the one who embodies the continued domination of big money over politics and of a global strategy of perpetual wars. She isn't ready to even try to address the greatest real threat, that we are burning the planet (in a multitude of ways, with one of the biggest extinction events in evolutionary history underway).

If you wanted a single-candidate coronation, too bad. You can fight the future with smug invocations of delegate "math" if you like. Apparently the majority of voters under 40 see it differently, and they are the future, and the end of the New Democrats and their "bipartisan" neoliberal destruction is coming one way or another. Sanders represents the real old Democratic party, the party of the New Deal, and he represents the true future politics of this country, which will be small-d democratic. Whether that will occur within the Democratic party or outside it may for now remain in the hands of the tired old single-party machine nomenklatura, but that won't be the case for much longer.

Media Whores Online

For those of you who don't remember (or could not remember because you're young), a little history:


A good if very pro-Clinton media watchdog site during its run, and as the page says, often cited by long-time Clinton operatives James Carville and Paul Begala.


What we saw last night was almost exactly the same as the 2008 Clinton-Obama numbers! Indeed, it was peak Clinton in New York already back then! But unfortunately the challenger did no better. Turnout did not increase. (We will see where these big irregularity stories lead, one can't be confident given how consistently elections now go wrong in this country and how consistently nothing is done about it.)

The structural stability on the NY-Democratic side is amazing, I'll have to concede. We don't have a two-party system, we have two single-party systems that hold their own rules-rigged "elections" - and New York may be the worst of it.

These two primary systems determine the choices for everyone and are subsidized by taxes on everyone. There is no justifying a closed system impervious to ideological challenge, that actually has contempt for the outsiders. If New York had been an open, choose your party, same-day registration vote, or a theoretical combined primary, Sanders would have outpaced everyone. And many of you here are proud and thrilled that it's instead this closed, bureaucratic, undemocratic process that benefits career status-quo politicians (and in Albany produces legislatures literally run as single-man empires, even if the emperors sometimes get caught and fall).

The Republican single-party system is in breakdown, but the D's seem to have weathered it this year. I am calling the D's a strong party and that will be taken as praise by many here, but it's not meant that way. A strong nomenklatura (a party machine) that is less popular than ever.

The era since the Clinton ascendancy has been one long decline for the D's - in registered voters, governorships and statehouses, and Congress, in everything except the presidency (which happens despite the farcical nature of the process to involve the most democratic election, you should note). That is because the party no longer believably represents the principles that once made it popular. Organizationally a fortress is no guarantee of victory in November. And of course the party establishment has already conceded Congress until 2022, and made themselves quite comfortable with that idea, so there's even an element of playing to lose rather than allowing change.

No, what's interesting is 120,000 purged, apparently...

while registration in every other county went up.

What's interesting otherwise is a system where most people aren't allowed to vote until their choices have been predetermined for them by an opaque process.

And there are worse things than "armchair," such as the role of the big money, the corporate media, and the ossified smug nomenklatura, the 99-year hacks who run the party machines - hard workers, all.

All this blah blah before polls close amounts to attempted voter suppression.

Not that anyone who has yet to vote is reading this forum, but witting or not, that's how it functions.
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