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Member since: 2002
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I just voted for Bernie Sanders and I don't regret it!

I like how the settlements are spun into good news.

Hey, after massive fraud on an economy-wide scale by the megabanks, plundering hundreds of billions and crashing the entire world finance system resulting in mass unemployment and suffering globally, the government over the next eight years hit them up for a fraction of that in settlements that mooted the hundreds of criminal cases that should have been brought - effectively collecting a small chunk of the taxes due while sending a crystal-clear message to the actual decision makers responsible for mass fraud: CRIME PAYS. DO IT AGAIN!

I was going to say same thing.

These people are not being covered by polling. And no doubt the overwhelming number, besides already being in the youth demographic, are motivated to vote and will be voting for Sanders. Still, you can't expect 100 percent turnout.

A huge chunk of the young and the cell-phone equipped of course are also not covered by the polling.

What matters in all this polling is the likely voter model in each case. It has little to say about turnout for an insurgent candidacy, however. This may be why most of the poll numbers have barely budged during this campaign.

We'll see on Tuesday! It's all about the turnout. Sanders is right: if it's high, he wins.

It's a terrible thing!

All these.... people who haven't served as loyal party hacks for 99 years coming in and thinking they should have a say.

First of all, most VOTERS are not Democrats.

Maybe you've noticed that elections are won by winning the independents?

Second, Sanders has won 17 Democratic primaries and caucuses, so obviously he's got Democratic supporters.

The problem is in the money-corrupted corporate service of the Democratic politicians. That's what has turned so many people off. You can blame the people who are rightly disgusted with the neoliberal New Democrats, or you can blame the parties actually responsible for having turned the D's into a total corporate party.

Clinton doesn't know? Bullshit.

In a fair news environment this would be given the same treatment that Sanders' Daily News interview got and is still getting, except with the key difference of course that in Sanders did know what he was talking about and it was the Daily News interviewers who were confused.

But you know what? HRC is not stupid and she was Secretary of State. Of course she knows all about this issue. So here we do not see her being astonishingly ignorant of something that was central to her portfolio as SoS. We do see her surprised by the question, and not ready with a smoother prevarication. So she has to resort to the blatant lie of "I don't know."

This shit is getting worse than JFK bullet trajectories.

("I'll tell you where the shots came from, they came from the Pentagon." - John Judge)

Obsessive lamb!

You know no one cares about your bullshit and the only real humans who respond are just doing it for the fun, right?

Gimme a fucking break!!!

What does any commercial on TV cost? How many have been bought in this campaign? 30 seconds! $1000 buys what, 0.2 of a second?! 0.5? And who sees that shit? Who gets swayed?

Now you're giving this moral speech about $1000 for a piece of theater that gets press and ends up being a social media thing, and you post it here on pre-social media ca. 2002? A fantastic return on the investment.

Your problem apparently is that relatively middle-class people spend $1000 collectively to get a lot of media, but you have no problem with rich motherfuckers and campaigns spending $225,000 to get 30 seconds on TV?!

Agnostics can be Christians.

Hear me out, eastwestdem. If I believe that Karl Marx was the son of God born of a virgin, crucified and rose from the dead on the third day, but reject his teachings, am I a Marxian? No. Similarly faith should be in the teachings, not in a form of literal truth. If you believe in the literal truth of the Christ story but reject Love thy Neighbor and the other teachings, are you a Christian?

Which of these candidates is closer to the teachings of the Christ as you understand them?

(By the way, I don't believe Sanders has ever said he is an agnostic.)

Clinton or Sanders: Who really wants to keep talking tax returns?

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