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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 24,979

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Tokens! Sanders just got +5% with old people in New York!

The boy from Brooklyn has sewn up the nostalgia vote!

You think Hillary Clinton ever held one of these in her mitt?!

And you know what else? He roots for the Dodgers!

The only people who think the "token" controversy hurts Sanders are carpetbaggers and tourists!

And to real New Yorkers the only people worse than tourists are bankers!

Please add links for live streams of Wisconsin coverage here...

I don't think the Young Turks are doing this one for free but if you have that link especially...

Sixty-five thousand dollars to Chelsea Clinton for 10 minute speech

A college balks at Hillary Clinton’s fee, books Chelsea for $65,000 instead


So inspirational!

The contract required that the university submit a final list of attendees (including their occupations, titles and affiliations) two weeks before the event “for vetting” and stipulated that guests must be lined up before Clinton’s arrival and then “proceed to their seats” after their photos were taken. The contract also gave Clinton’s team “final approval” of which media outlets were authorized to cover the speech.

Current delegate totals Sanders 1031 Clinton 1258 (+227, est.) - Needed for majority 2024.

READ Daily News interview with Sanders HERE.

Here is an actual link to the New York Daily News editorial board's interview of Bernie Sanders:


Please read it for yourself and choose excerpts and comment below.

Here is today's COVER of the Daily News, accusing Clinton of being a faker for horning in on the success of the Fight for $15 as though she ever supported it:

You can think what you want of the Daily News or Sanders, but I'm sure you can agree that if you're going to talk about the Daily News interview, you should FIRST talk about the Daily News interview and not what some third-party propagandist says about it.

There are those on this site who apparently believe, seriously, that they can post a hostile headline from the Washington Post and a story full of spin about the Daily News interview of Sanders, WITHOUT even linking to the actual interview!

Please prove that you don't fall for this kind of unscrupulous bullshit.

So if you want to counteract it, please allow me some tips:

1) Don't reproduce the offensively false headline from Brock. Recall that headlines are often up to 90% of the game. People confuse them with theses and often remember only the headline. Brock, Rove and their ilk know this well. So do newspaper editors who reporters' spin stories away from their meaning just with the right adjective etc.

2) A counter-thread with a clear and different headline (something like: Response to Clinton operative Brock's lie about New York Times interview today) is probably better than engaging within the pro-Brock OP and helping to keep that visible. That much is true.

Just suggestions, but look at what the Brockists on site are doing. They put out these threads with outrageously false headlines and then allow the criticisms to flood in and keep it kicked. Every time you look at this board, several completely fabricated Brock-style lies about Sanders are headlined.

Retired soccer star Abby Wambach arrested for DUI in Oregon

Washington Post ! I hear they think they're a big global paper or something.

That's the top story on the Google news aggregator, followed by the Amtrak accident and (I kid you not) an escaped chihuahua on the Bay Bridge.

Which I am noting to show how the whole country is absolutely in the grip of anticipation of reading Sanders' incendiary tax returns, which inevitably will be released soon, and the mindnumbingly milquetoast contents of which can actually already be inferred from the online financial disclosures.

Don't you guys tire of making this stuff up and pretending it matters?

The world is literally burning and you want Clinton as fracker in chief!
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