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No they did not.

They were already occupying Crimea, where they have 90+ percent support of the Russian population. I guess the coup d'etat government in Kiev should not have declared war on the Russian-speaking citizens of the Ukraine, encouraging the Crimeans to run to Moscow for protection.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the NATO propaganda about a threat to the Baltic states, which is setting up pretty much the dumbest confrontation ever. The neocon-neoliberal-neoimperialist posturing has barely been noticed in the U.S., where you can be certain most people would be horrified if they could actually figure out that the U.S. is setting up for a possibly nuclear war with Russia. This is in not in our people's interest!

"8.7 million members" of Republicans Abroad -- yeah right.

Clearly Trump's not the only one who qualifies for a DSM number on the basis of hallucinatory beliefs.
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