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Infotainment is why propaganda monocultures dominate.

It's why all the outlets run the same bullshit stories at the same time. Whether purely commercial PR or top-down disinformation from a Pentagon-connected think tank, certain sources have the high ground. They inject the Bullshit of the Day (terror, murder, starlet slip, Irangonnakillyou, sports scandal, dumb thing someone said) and it rolls down the hill of the infotainment complex (which is about 90 percent of the media, at least, most of the time NPR as well).

All doubtless true, the point is that spam filters really are working well these days.

Although it was not going to break the Internet or end the economy, as the propaganda had it, pure spam was genuinely annoying almost everyone daily to a far greater extent 10 years ago than it is today with improved filters, or so I see it from my own inbox and reports from others.

Bush and Obama have both had to resist an Israeli push to start a war on Iran.

This push has come from the extreme right-wing leadership of Israel, counterparts to our own neoconservatives and Republicans, whose propaganda you support on a supposedly left-liberal website.

Iran has no reason and no potential reward from starting a suicidal war with Israel. It is Israel that has threatened war on Iran, repeatedly, and with credibility that they could actually do it, and on the basis of an absolute lie (that Iran will imminently possess nuclear weapons). This has happened in a most public way for years and you really have to pretend to be on another planet to put on that you didn't notice. The warnings that Israel is about to carry out the aggression preventively on its own, and that therefore the US must go all-in on the war, have been almost weekly in the major corporate news. "All options are on the table" in response to a fictional Iranian nuclear weapons program that the US intelligence agencies agree has been inactive since 2003. Even if it wasn't, it's patent insanity, pure propaganda, to pretend that Iran would involve itself in a nuclear war with Israel (and the US) on the basis of whatever handful of bombs it may finally acquire!

Israel is an occupying power that naturally has to deal with the resistance of the occupied. Hamas and Hezbollah are indigenous products of long-running Israeli violence against the Palestinians and Lebanon. Iran didn't invent these forces. Like any other military force, Hamas and Hezbollah seek weapons internationally and have received a supply from Iran -- just like Israel is outfitted by the US to the tune of billions of dollars a year. If that qualifies as "Iran at war with Israel" then the US by the same standard is equally at war with the Palestinians and with the peoples of the Arab countries (where it supports and arms dictatorships in a number of nations). The history is known. Israel has started wars and threatens war constantly. Iran has not started any wars with its neighbors. You don't have to like Iran to understand that.

The most incredible thing about your statements is the idea that you think they will be the least bit believable to anyone who is paying attention. These are highly insulting falsehoods, simply because they are so absurdly wrong.

(We'll ignore the usual smearing of Grass, since it's completely irrelevant; another falsehood and it has been dealt with adequately here.)

You may be demonstrating one reason why he might have been reluctant.

He was drafted into the Waffen SS while still a child. Drafted. He did not "come clean" but disclosed it voluntarily in a book, apparently so that now, dispensers of cheap talking points can ignore the record of his 67 years as an anti-fascist writer and call him a Nazi, since he has dared to question the Holy Israeli right to possess 150+ nuclear weapons and threaten the world with nuclear war.
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