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Marathon? The corporate right-wing media never stops running.

The Telegraph? At least it's likelier to be MI6 than the State Department writing the script. Or some astronomically paid consultancy in the City of London.

You could have written this story, word for loaded word, years ago.

Preparing the way to call fraud on the inevitable Chavista victory this Sunday.

Remember, as posted here yesterday, Carter Center has monitored 97 elections around the world - and they've stated that the cleanest and fairest have been in Venezuela.

What you're saying is certainly a possibility.

The story with BoA was that the stuff wasn't so impressive, or else impenetrable and they didn't have the right people to read it. You'll remember BoA was caught having its lawyers solicit shady blackmail plots (against Assange, family and friendly journalists like Greenwald) on the part of HB Gary, in alliance with Palantir/Peter Thiel. Pretty hair-raising enemies. Maybe it's fear, maybe it's corruption, maybe Wikileaks has been successfully degraded by the financial hits, maybe it's practically down to a beleaguered one-man operation getting nothing done. I'm sure you wouldn't want the Russia or the BoA files just dumped without a read-through? Have they ever set up the new leak servers? I don't look to Wikileaks to always be the source of sensational revelations. I honor what they accomplished (not just with the US empire files but also Iceland, Syria and many other earlier releases). I hope they are an example to others. I oppose the campaign to make negative examples out of Manning and Assange (functionally, a journalist) for revenge and as deterrence to future leakers. It's all pretty simple, even if Assange proves more dubious than honorable in the end.

Right, it's not about the nutrient value.

It's about less health risk from pesticides, injected hormones, antibiotics, etc., lower ecological burden and risk, and striving to match output without input-intensive agriculture (density through complementary crops and attempt at permaculture). Anyway, "organic" labeling is a joke and organic is still at least as much aspirational as actual. Regional sourcing (reduced transport) needs to be as much a consideration in a truly ecological system as any other factor.

I think you are confusing "religion" with...

desert-based Skygod rackets.

All three of the Middle Eastern religions with the big-bearded Killerman in the Sky promising hellfire have a history of being mean to everything outside their narrow version of monotheism. There have been relatively civilized periods for all three, of course (but I'd argue those are the times when they've been more secular and tolerant). Christianity and Islam have destroyed a lot of world heritage in the course of their many iconoclastic rages. Many treasures lost of Hellenism, Buddhism and Hinduism, among others.

What if the government lies as a routine policy?

And what were the first priesthoods, if not also archaic governments?

Here, let me fix this for you:

"Even in modern times, many people will disregard "knowledge" (evolution, geological history, etc.) that conflicts with their religion. Anything that one believes in fervently (religion being the best example, but the mythic pronouncements of governments and other authorities in one's culture and society might register, too) makes one resistant to any new "knowledge" that conflicts with their belief."

Tell me that blind belief in what a flag-waving political leadership says in a time of "war" (a war that is perpetual and somehow both everywhere and nowhere) is not more common in the US than the "conspiracy theorists" who (in your own comforting belief) comprise a very special, exceptional form of faith-motivated actors (to whom you can feel a false sense of superiority).


It shouldn't, but it is well-known that it will.

No one wants to take away his right to produce hate films, and certainly these hate films do not justify violent response. Those who commit violence because of such a thing are wrong. Nevertheless, you are surely not as naive as you put on. The maker of this film knew what was likely to happen after the experiences with Jones, the Koran "flushings," and the Danish cartoon contest. That doesn't make it right, but people are now aware that they can inspire violence in a certain section of the Islamic world by committing sacrilege on video. There's no other explanation for the animal scenes - it's the effect he hoped to create. He succeeded, getting confirmation for his "Muslims are animals" message in the West. Furthermore, inspiring such reactions serves to justify the constant Western state violence on Muslim countries (even though it doesn't, actually). In context, Israel is currently pushing the US to start a war of aggression - possibly a world war - against Iran. Just as we know a certain number of Muslims will riot and murder other people on the rumor of blasphemy, so too will many in the American public not bother to recognize the difference between Muslims, Arabs, Persians, Sunni or Shia when the bombs fall on Tehran. This asshole is hoping to create an atmosphere that justifies more violence by the West.

Well then you have a choice.

You can fight for your own rights and for economic justice, since you are underpaid.

Or you can complain about those who are given just enough to make a decent living, as hard-working and overburdened professionals.

Funny, I never notice that teachers make more than what I make. I notice that bankers - the predators and destroyers of the world - make more than what my whole neighborhood makes.

The Tea Party didn't infiltrate shit.

They already were the right-wing Republican base. To revive the Republicans after their 2008 defeat, they were rebranded as the brand new "Tea Party" using hundreds of millions of dollars flowing from the top-down into an astroturf "movement." The media enabled this by covering it as if it was a new thing, even though there was nothing, nothing in the Tea Party "program" that wasn't already Republican creed.

As for moving the Democrats to the left - for starters, have a look at how easy it is on this site.

Occupy accomplished more with street protests, and that is the message: the system is too corrupt to work only within it. Politicians won't do shit without popular pressure from outside the system. Mass street protests are unavoidable.
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