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You say, "Unfortunately, these crashes will keep happening in NASCAR...

as long as the sport refuses to punish drivers who pull these stunts."


These crashes will keep happening as long as there is a NASCAR. Self-evidently.

Furthermore, they are an essential attraction of the "sport." They're the only part of the show that is ever re-broadcast on non-sports programs. If you're going to stage a modern Circus Maximus predicated on maximum HP, torque and speed, then your competing gladiators are going to push as hard as they can for the win. This spectacle by definition is about reckless driving. Also self-evident. ("I'm shocked, shocked, that there is reckless driving at this race track!"

Well that's the important thing I guess. Screw whoever might have got killed.

I hope it wasn't any minors schlepped along to this "sport."

And whoever Ms. Patrick is. A race-car driver, I suppose?

You'd think a population already subjected to the noise of cars and the stink of exhaust fumes on a near 24/7 basis would choose a form of diversion other than voluntarily spending entire days wallowing in 100 times the car noise and 100 times the stink of exhaust. You'd think wrong, however.

Thought-Provoking New HSBC Ad Campaign Going Viral

From http://alternativebanking.nycga.net/2013/02/05/proposal-for-a-new-hsbc-ad-campaign/

(it's mine, no copyright issue)

If you've been in an airport or subway station the last ten years, you'll probably recall the ad campaign from HSBC, with its message that golly gee, we are all individuals from different cultures and everyone's got a different view of things, so let's not be judgmental.

Here are two samples:

Of course, in its recent $2 billion settlement with the Department of Justice -- a sum that represents six weeks of its 2011 profits -- HSBC admitted to laundering money for the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels and for terrorist organizations. So it's no wonder they take a liberal approach to "values."

Terrorism and the drug trade.

In Pakistan and Yemen, the US president dispatches drones to blow up presumed terrorists, and their families, and their neighbors. In the drug-exporting nations, low-level smugglers and their random acquaintances are being murdered by military death squads. In the US, executives at charities accused of helping to finance terrorism have received multiple life sentences.

At the bank of terror and drug money laundering, HSBC, no one is worrying about drones overhead, or even an indictment on their admitted crimes. The government is afraid to punish them because of the possible impact on the markets, and the domino effect among other big banks, some of whom are doubtless involved in the same business. They are too big to fail. (Also, let's admit it, they're white people, more or less. And British.) Although the DOJ settlement establishes that these crimes were committed for many years, no one at HSBC is supposed to face any criminal charges. No one is being fired. No bonuses or salaries are being cut, although a few bonuses have been deferred. Deferred!

In that spirit, here's a draft for a new HSBC ad campaign. Let's not be judgmental!

Feel free to pass it on. Make your own version. HSBC is very proud of their "thought provoking" ad campaigns, and yet their US profile is relatively low. Let's give them a viral push. Let's make sure everyone knows who they are.
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