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That headline is evidence of brain damage.

Do pregnant pot smokers go around violently poking kids in the head? Or do they blow the smoke at the poor darlings? Because those are the only realistic possibilities implied by the syntax.

"The Institute's Professor Tibor Harkany was part of a global team of scientists looking into what effects consuming cannabis during pregnancy had on the unborn child."

Global team research money well spent! At last, someone's figuring out things we would have never known. The campaign by the state and the medical establishment to encourage pregnant women to smoke pot and cigarettes and chug liquor with their legally mandated prozac must stop!!! We need PSAs!!! Lady, don't smoke! (Also, keep those damn pot dealers in prison and keep funding the Mexican and Colombian states to kill thousands of their own citizens in the war on drugs. For the children!!!)

"In addition to researchers from Sweden and Austria, researchers from the US, Germany, Finland and the UK took part in the study."

Who paid for them to torture all those mice?

(The usual answer, no matter which institutes and foundations may have chipped in, is going to be: taxpayers.)
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