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You know what else is funny?

If your parents or grandparents were murdered in cold blood by SS forces or killed by the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe or kidnapped to work as forced laborers in the German Reich (which happened to about 3 million Soviet teenagers mostly from the occupied Ukraine) during the Nazi invasion that cost at least 20 million lives in the Soviet Union, you may not be fond of anything collaborationist to this day (such as the Ukrainian right wing parties that are now in power and hang portraits of the wartime collaborationist leader in city hall). People are funny that way.

Meanwhile, here's the reality on the Russian/Ukrainian split: it's a game for hardline minorities on either "side." The majority of the country speaks Russian more than Ukrainian. The last thing they need is to create a bunch of new ethnic animosity, just as the banksters and the Troika move in for the economic kill shot.

Forget it, "Ukrainian" is a transcendent entity.

Never mind that at the time there was only the Russian empire and the French invasion, and this is a general that helped to repel it, in an event of great historical significance no matter whom you would have preferred at the time. Never mind how many times the borders and the names of the places have shifted. To those who are now deciding to take up sides that didn't even exist for most people until quite recently, it's all about how "Ukrainian" neo-nationalists (following a fascist-led coup d'etat!) are going to define "Ukrainian" territory and "interests" retroactively, as if there is an eternal "Ukraine" within the borders of today (or maybe a Greater Ukraine that needs a bit extra: why not?) that magically extends back into periods when there was no such thing. And as if this construct is now for "Ukrainians" (suddenly defined not as citizens of a state but as an ethnocultural category) and not for the "Russian" citizens of Ukraine who, of course, are about as numerous and belong in the same country. They're now foreign, it belongs to the ethnic-in-the-making "Ukrainians" - especially the ones waving some damn flag and claiming some just-invented tradition. The louder and more aggressive and more ready to beat on random liberals and peaceful cohabitors they are, the more righteously "Ukrainian" they will become.

For all of these references above in quotes, by the way, you can fill in a lot of different nationalisms, including "Russian." Nationalism is a plague that infects many peoples in much the same way, but ends up putting these very similarly afflicted peoples at each others throats as if they are suddenly so unbelievably different.

Here's to the Yugoslavians of 1991 - the substantial number, mostly young, who had never given a thought to whether they were "Croatian" or "Serbian." Who were then shanghaied into one side or another under threat to their lives. Let it not be so again!

Reality of U.S. War Machine For World Domination

Can we please dispense with the lies on behalf of the imperialist war machine that is paid for with 57% of the federal discretionary budget?

I refer especially to the laughable idea (being propagated by the war machine's PR) that we are seeing sweeping cuts in the war machine budget.

Of course, this doesn't include the costs of past wars (in increased interest payments on debt, or in increased veterans' benefits) or a variety of budget items that basically are more war machine in disguise ("homeland security," the military component of the space program).

Eight hundred bases around the world is not "defense." It is an empire.

This industry creates the enemies it purports to defend against. It does not provide security, it creates insecurity. It kills more Americans than it saves (if we are to adopt the self-centered nationalist morality). More importantly, it kills thousands and sometimes millions of human beings, period. It does so on behalf of interests that are not "American" but private and parochial and morally indefensible. It is the biggest threat to humanity. It is a racket that forces its way into every other aspect of life.

We need to dismantle this thing, a.s.a.p.

This is the reason why food stamps are cut and there's no money for energy or transportation conversion or education.

What's with the strawmanning, woca?

I don't want to eat that shit no matter who makes it, because it's shit. It's shit and it's very bad for you. It kills you. It's especially bad for the children, to whom this is marketed.

That's my point.

I also don't want to spend money on non-union products, or stick a knife in the back of union labor. I support union labor.

However, I can't believe the underlying idea here: that it would be okay if these poison products were made by union labor. I hope we're better than that. I hope we agree that, for example, making bombs to murder children in some foreign countries is not okay even if it's union labor.

Similarly, making addictive poison and selling it to children (that's what this company does) was always a very bad thing. Whether union or not. And this "food" was always shit.

Media flawlessly reproducing Pentagon spin

Yeah, they're really suffering. They're sacrificing so much. It's sad, but so very brave of them. Let's hope it doesn't go wrong!

Fuck that sinkhole. Fuck that mafioso racket. It's still eating most of the discretionary budget, maintaining 800 bases and waging covert wars around the world, creating the enemies it pretends to defend against. And all the hypocrites thank them for fucking up the world and murdering all those people for nothing.

TAZ is Green and FR is left-liberal.

And I've read them all too.

Of course SZ is part of the establishment, which in no way contradicts being more or less pro-SPD--a party that is once again currently in a grand coalition! SPD long ago went neo-liberal. So whether that tastes a bit like FDP (also given the FDP's cultural progressivism of a kind) is six of one, a half-dozen of the other.

Thus SZ is center-leftish-rightish, whereas FAZ is the always-on battle organ of that segment of the bourgeoisie that is permanently pissed off about everything vaguely progressive dating back to women wearing trousers (in the Feuilleton this is weirdly mixed in with technoworship and obeisance to The Singularity). Welt is the bilge version of same, absolutely disgusting.

They have a sense of history, of course.

Too much of one, even. They have a very narrow, sick sense, wherein the "traditional" nationalist mythology they invented to aggrandize themselves yesterday is applied retroactively to all prior history, which appears either as a process leading up to the glorious emergence of this particular national construct as the greatest and most precious ever, or as a series of enemy attacks, in which the enemy is everyone and anything that doesn't conform to the "traditional" nationalist mythology they invented to aggrandize themselves yesterday.

These people seriously chant "Glory to ___" (the name of the fucking country wouldn't matter) and "Glory to the Heroes," and the low-information media consumers of the West are supposed to think it's a turn toward freedom and democracy. Whose freedom, of course, is always the question. In this case, the freedom of Nazi sympathizers to rewrite history for everyone else who is unfortunate enough to have come under their sway.

Wow, you are nothing if not flexible...

in your justification of the latest outrage from the CIA's bogus "revolution" du jour.

What flavor of nationalist radical iconoclasty does it take, also reminiscent of the worst image of the Cultural Revolution, to want to use their first moment in power simply to destroy (without a proceeding or debate of any kind) a historical monument from the 19th century, no matter what one may think of the figure depicted? This is historical vandalism, a throwing of memory down the hole. If Yanukovich had done it, you'd have been appalled, whether it was striking at Napoleon or his enemies.

No problem, I'll deny the "undeniable."

Unfortunately, the Snowden disclosures have not (yet) done "tremendous damage" to the "Western" "intelligence" agencies. Or barely any. Very unfortunate.

These authoritarian deep-state structures and their private corporate allies like Booz Allen remain firmly ensconced in their power. In every conceivable way, they continue to violating the rights and damage the interests of the very people they claim to be defending, as well as helping to create hell and destruction around the world, and thus to generate the very same "security threats" that they claim to be defending against.

We can hope, of course, that as a result of the Snowden disclosures, at some point down the line, others will be similarly inspired, and some real damage will be done to these fraudulent, criminal organizations.

We can hope for their eventual abolition, so that this country may one day truly serve as a light unto the world in inspiring other nations to also shake free of such parasitical, conspiratorial, criminal, and yet: state-financed agencies.


So you want to kill kittens?

Please learn to read what I wrote, before misrepresenting it with a non-sequitur question like that.

I said something about what the Dow is, both inherently and as an indicator of something positive (which you seem to think it is). It indicates nothing other than the current market value of 30 mega-death corporations chosen by NewsCorp as indicative of something important. These are big parts of the much bigger machine that is melting the icecaps and driving what is probably the biggest extinction event in the history of life. To focus on the triviality of their current market price is the problem, not the solution.

Golly gee, do a lot of voters nevertheless care about that crap more than they do about their own lives, and those of their children and grandchildren? On some level, yes. Or they are willfully ignorant. Either way they do.

Your response - that I was actually expressing an opinion about how people who own stock should vote, and somehow magically without actually saying so - is bizarre, and speaks to obsessions of yours so strongly held that you can't even read what anyone wrote except in terms of party strategy, apparently divorced from any principle or the most important issues facing us.

The Democrats are not a successful liberal party. That's what they were up until the 1970s (domestically, anyway, notwithstanding their support for the international murder machine that killed millions in Vietnam and elsewhere).

At the moment, they are a successful, for now, neoliberal party. Very big difference, and highly unfortunate. They would be serving us better in the wilderness, if they were actually going to be a liberal party when elected.
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