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Clinton's Decline, Clintonista Excuses

As Clinton's support continues to tank in the New Hampshire polls, one story I just saw suggests the context is that "her use of a personal email server during her tenure as secretary of state continues to dominate the headlines."

Bullshit. That noise may be dominating headlines -- along with the professional wrestling performer, Donald Trump -- but it is not remotely the reason why potential primary voters are not supporting the Democrat from Wall Street.

At this point, registered Democrats with a preference are still a relatively well-informed group with high political motivation. They don't care about the constructed e-mail scandal any more than they did about "Benghazi." It's also going to play no role in a general election, with or without Clinton as nominee. In fact, the Republican propaganda alienates people all the more that it talks up this kind of shit.

Clinton's problem against Sanders is that she offers NOTHING. Her campaign is little more than a fake, vague, pandering marketing-image masking the neoliberal legacy and loyalty to the interests of the corporations and 0.1%. After 23 years people can seen right through that shit, too.

Biden the new fantasy stalking horse for Clinton supporters

Certain Clinton supporters would have conniptions and deliver condescending lectures if Elizabeth Warren or anyone else not actually running were to be included in the opinion polls conducted by such estimable dispensers of bullshit as CNN & Co. Yet some are now posting and posting and posting these fantasy polls with Biden in them so that Sanders doesn't look that close to Clinton. (Why Biden? Why not George Clooney, or Pope Francis, since they are equally candidates?) At this point I think the Clinton suppoers do this more to reassure themselves than to fool anyone.

Clinton is no doubt the favorite. Sanders' main problem is what it's been all along. He has a small fraction of the Clinton money, little coverage, and dismissive coverage = most people still don't know he exists. Among those who do, it's already a landslide for him over the politics of fake caring and neoliberalism that Clinton (and Clintons generally) have always fought for.
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