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Stop arming the world.

These questions only seem to be asked of the public after the latest monster only "we" can slay has already arisen as a consequence of earlier U.S. policy (inadvertantly, unintentionally, intentionally, oops as a necessity). The question is why did the United States and U.K. governments destroy the nation of Iraq in an act of aggressive war, thereby causing millions of refugees to flee mostly into Syria? Remember that? Why did these same governments follow up some years later by intervening to assure the destruction of Libya? Why do they arm and support the Gulf states, some of the most oppressive and aggressive regimes in the world, whose direct support for the most extreme factions in Syria and Iraq gave rise to ISIS?

Related, why did the U.S. government devise and force a policy on Mexico that led to an insane drug war in which tens of thousands of people have been murdered, often with the same barbarity (mass beheadings, for example) as in the ISIS-controlled territory?

Stop helping to set up future conflicts and wars around the world. Stop allowing private interests to profit from these by way of arms sales and debt.

Stop!!! You must vote for the Lady from Goldman Sachs!

Because... Jeb Bush!

With us or against us!

I have seen the propaganda campaign.

Hollywood A-list films are not just movies, they are accompanied by large-scale propaganda campaigns that often cost more than the production of the movie itself and reach a far greater number of people through unsolicited commercials, talk-show interviews, media buzz, awards bullshit, etc. etc.

The campaign is bigger than the movie. It also conveys a message. We all know how to read commercials, which contain content. The message in the case of the propaganda campaign for "American Sniper" is crystal-clear. It's fair game for discussion, regardless if one has seen the movie.

In this case, the commercials also happen to suggest an incredibly maudlin and disgusting movie, one that I would not choose to pay for from among the hundreds of movies released each year. But that's a minor matter.

More relevantly, we are talking about a monster engaged in a monstrous war. Kyle's life and words are part of the public domain. For example, his hallucinations of murdering black people in New Orleans from the top of the Superdome are well-known.

If they released a movie called "Ted Bundy: Teen Hero," and paid $100 million to advertise it during NFL playoffs, you'd be entitled to have an opinion on it without needing to see the film.

Thank god someone finally told us war is hell.

Poor guy, he "has to" kill a child resisting the invasion of a foreign empire that has already destroyed his country. He has no choice!

It's important a great artist like Eastwood is here to remind us poignantly that war is hell and comes at great cost to the warrior, because otherwise we would have not noticed several thousand years worth of art in precisely this vein.

Does the film's propaganda campaign (quite apart from what I'm sure is a wonderful work) contribute to the rehabilitation of the most obviously criminal war of aggression in recent history? That's secondary to the greatness of the art! I'm sure it's the movie itself is not at all the disgusting maudlin celebration of murder and hypocrisy depicted in the commercials. Those are false advertising to work the box office, you know? Nothing wrong with that. All hail the dollar. Long as the movie allows critical minds like yours to detect/construct/fantasize a beautiful artistic context critical of war, who cares what the yahoos packing the theater think?

Tell me, how beautifully are the Iraqis humanized? I'm guessing maybe there are two spoken roles for them? That's usually how it works in this kind of highly subtle art work. From this film's most important recent predecessor in the cinema of American sociopaths engaged in imperial genocide, "Hurt Locker," we know Iraqis are only ever likely to say one of two things: "Help me, American!" (just before being blown up) and "Allahu Akhbar!!!" (just before blowing themselves up).

Here's another great movie that also teaches, among other things, that War Is Hell:

So unfair that this was ignored in the awards. I'm sure the Academy will stand tall and honor the great American sequel.

American Sniper L.A. billboard tagged with "Murder!"


A mildly reassuring sign.

Click here to watch "American Sniper" short version

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