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Constant success = "His dreadful performance"

Please! Every election since Corbyn became leader has seen a rise in the Labour share of the vote.

Oh for fuck's sake, this city's streets...

are and always have been FULL of discarded boxes, suitcases, plastic bags, containers... also garbage bags, garbage cans, dumpsters, etc. all of which are legit. Are we not going to be able to put out the garbage on garbage day now?

Come to think of it, that's any city. There is absolutely nothing constructive to be done about this. Let's hope it blows over (not blows up, ha ha).

It's like that time back in 2002 when they shut down the Brooklyn Bridge and declared Code Orange because of a PLASTIC BAG.

This is as dumb as the "burka panic." (Only people in burkas could possibly be disguising a bomb -- ban those to stop terrorism!)

"Shattered the truce" !

Uh hello? If anything "shattered the truce," and I really hope it's not shattered, it would have been last week's US strike on the Syrian Army, "honest accident" or not, killing 62 Syrian soldiers and allowing ISIS to retake a town.

Trump totally has an idea what he's talking about.

TAKE THEIR OIL has been core message from the start. Make no mistake, he does have a core message, he's not all improvisation and bullshit to grab attention and rile crowds.

He's saying occupy Iraqi oil production.

Remember, from the start, from his first commercial with its first statement of platform:

"He will cut the head off ISIS and TAKE THEIR OIL."
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