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There has been one legislative achievement, and it was for them. For his darling class mates. They've been binging on it for more than a year. They didn't complain then! And this is how they repay him? Damned Manhattan. They still hate him, the Little Mobster from Queens Who Could.

Everyone hold your bloodthirst, not open and shut

Here's a story that actually names them:


The man's boss claims an alibi for him, says he was working at the time.

They are model plane enthusiasts. It is possible they've been wrongly accused. It is also possible that if it was their drones, they are idiots and did not intend to shut down the airport.

You know, innocent until proven guilty, mitigating circumstances based on intent... all that crazy stuff about rights to trials in court and fairness and no cruel and unusual punishments and shit that even 18th century slaveholders believed in so much they included it in the U.S. bill of rights, etc. etc.
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