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Yes, and that should give pause.

Who exactly here is purporting to be the hero of the Resistance? The same Comey who delivered the most important single blow against Clinton just before the election, completely without justification (remember, it was about Weiner's computer and it was bullshit through and through)? Note the rest of the dirt from his career, only some of which has been mentioned here (Ashcroft). Note that Trump never goes after him for the real shit, like the COINTELPRO-style entrapment of Muslims by the FBI. How much of this is an over-hyped mutual antagonism to mutual benefit? In pro wrestling, it's called kayfabe.

He's hardly the only one. With a regime seeking ways to transition to full dictatorship, many of us who want to stop it are sitting here taking inspiration or direction from the surveillance state's head perjurer Clapper, former heads of the U.S. international crime agency CIA, former pushers of the WMD lie, former architects and propagandists of the Bushian war of aggression like Kristol and Frum and Boot, and sometimes even from Bush himself. How short the memories at times seem to be.

I'd have to say Pompeo is the greater threat

given that he's active operationally, so well placed, and pushing two new prospective major wars right at this moment (Iran and Venezuela).
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