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TeeYiYi's Journal
TeeYiYi's Journal
December 8, 2016

Hillary's supporters need to examine...

...the part they played in her loss and consider what might have been done differently to change the outcome.

Overly confident after winning the Primary, Hillary's campaign lost sight of the goal. Her supporters became openly hostile toward Bernie's supporters and condescendingly dismissed the need for their votes; creating an irreparable chasm in the party.

Where they should've been embracing and converting displaced Bernie democrats, they chose, instead, to vilify and alienate them. That failure to heal the deeply fractured Democratic base, led to apathy and low voter turnout. Too many democrats decided to stay home or vote third party.

'A house divided against itself, cannot stand.'

That's the difference between previous elections and this one. Obama's supporters didn't torch the losing team and burn the house down. They quickly mended fences, merged teams and worked together to put a Democrat back into the White House.

Complacency cost Hillary the election.


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