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TeeYiYi's Journal
TeeYiYi's Journal
August 25, 2017

School dress codes...

...are about cleanliness, grooming, hygiene, and conforming to structured uniform standards like clothing color, shoe style, etc.

Dress code enforcement rights end where the human body begins. Since hair is connected to the head and part of the body as a whole, the school has no right to demand that it be cut.

As long as a child's hair is clean and groomed; styled so as "not to be a distraction," that should be the end of it.

No person has the right to demand that another person alter their body through the use of scissors, razor blade, scalpel, etc., to conform to some antiquated, arbitrary "dress code."

What if this school's dress code included a requirement that the school mascot be tattooed onto every student's forearm?

How about a policy for boys that the foreskin must not extend past the tip of the glans... purely for hygienic reasons, of course.

I applaud this woman for standing by her son's right to autonomy and control over his own body. His hair was clean and styled above the collar. End of story.

This school is finding itself on the wrong side of history. I hope they realize it and adjust themselves accordingly.


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