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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: New England
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 71,854

Journal Archives

Seen in Bar Harbor, painted in Blue Hill. Going to try it in gouache next, then a mix of transparent

and gouache.

Anyone with Go Fund ME experience? FIL's death benefit

might cover a third of the cost. Maybe a smidge more if the checking acct is available.

This week's work. I am doing exercises along W the 6th graders.

Third shot tomorrow. J&J, Pfizer, and now Moderna.

Was sick the first time and no reaction except a sore arm the second. Will see what this one does.

Forgot to post this year's St Paddy's Day pic, plus yesterday's drawing

I don't do people, but felt like I needed to get this one of younger son in back seat w me as

we took him to head back to Amsterdam. Ran out of time, but it still makes me smile.

And here's one of my feet, but from band class, not today.

Anyone have experience with transitioning aging parents from senior apartments to a home? Emotional

aspects as well as technical stuff? We are losing nursing homes here in Maine, and whatever Maine care and Medicare offer will have to cover my FILs stay wherever that turns out to be. He can't live on his own anymore. Two bad falls this week show that it's time.

I'm trying Naltrexone for the bulimia. Anyone experienced side effects?

Trying to decide if I should take it at bedtime in case it makes me sleepy.

YoungerGreenKid, whom you old timers would remember as a tot, is returning to the Netherlands.

He's still trying to find a job that a high school grad can get residency papers for. Not an easy prospect. If it doesn't work out, he'll be back home in 3 months like last time.

I'm not loving him wandering the globe like this with so much going on, but it's what he wants. And he'll be so happy to be back with his gf. So there's that.

Anyone have experience with online art classes? I think I might sign up at skill share. I'd prefer

live classes, but this might do for a while.
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